The Game and Young Jeezy to Perform at Boost Mobile Rockcorps Concert

The Game and Young Jeezy have both signed on to appear at the Boost Mobile Rockcorps concert at L.A.’s Kodak Theater on March 30. The concert will serve as a reward for 3000 young people who volunteered four hours of their time through the Rockcorps program which encourages community service in exchange for access to exclusive events. In 2006, Boost Mobile and Rockcorps hosted shows in Atlanta, Houston, Chicago and Detroit with volunteers contributing over 40,000 hours of service. For 2007, major events are planned for Atlanta’s Fox Theatre and New York City’s Radio City Music Hall. A recent survey of program participants showed that 80% of participants said they would be likely to volunteer again even without the promise of concert tickets or other rewards. Young people interested in contributing their time can call 1-888-ROCK-889, or go to for more information. Upon registration, they will be notified of volunteer opportunities in their area.

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    I think this is very postive I mean I am shocked that two people that are helping bring down there hoods is helping build it well thats a win win for everyone.

  • jacquez
  • Andy Mac

    Fair play lads for giving something back – maybe if we had these kind of things going on in Britain it wouldn’t be such a shithole!

  • lexx brown

    this is real nice

  • EReal

    Thats some real shit right there. What a good idea to get kids involved.
    I wouldnt praise Game and Jeezy too much, for sure they’re getting paid for it. The Kids just arent.

    1 hunned.

  • C-Blaq
  • T-Boye

    Positive Look,But!!!, I want see how this plays out being what happen with Game & Buck in All Star Weekend. …& Jeezy being at Buck’s side, during the whole entire time of the incident.

  • Q

    This is what the game needs more positive movements because we got to get rid of this black cloud that follows hip hop around. We as the fans should support more of this and by backing these artist and let them know that we as fans have there back.
    They will get it because at the end of the day the make there music based out of the hoods they came out of and what was cool around the community. So believe it or not we have more power as fans than them because we make them you there are!
    Check out
    Check out


    Im glad these to men are being contructive .

  • Peppa

    man game.. come now.. u should had stay g-unit nigga.. and ur ass would not be broke rite now.. nigga

  • TerrorTwinz 07

    Hell yeah this is a wicked plan. Sign me up for this shit.

  • fuckin cracker

    why not help your own communities for free, so you don’t have to live in such shitty conditions. dumb niggers, the only way you do anything positive, is being rewarded with a concert by the game, and crack head bob.

  • bobby

    this is really cool that they are using concerts for volunteer services. I think this helps everyone get what they want

  • Duro

    fuckin cracker Says:

    February 23rd, 2007 at 9:35 am
    why not help your own communities for free, so you don’t have to live in such shitty conditions. dumb niggers, the only way you do anything positive, is being rewarded with a concert by the game, and crack head bob.


    it’ is senseless to talk shit behind a computer and truth be told i really didn’t wanna give you the fame by responding to your shit. but all you are is your name, a “fuckin cracker”, and i ain’t racist by a long shot but since you wanna take it there, I’ll take it there with you.

  • fuckin cracker

    talking racist shit is not getting fame, you dumb fuck duro. you would rather take it there with me, you homo duro. don’t worry about racist talking shit on a hiphop website duro. you need to worry about your own community, and worry less about the man you stupid watermelon lovin, porch monkey

  • Andy Mac

    Fuckin Cracker…the white boys reading this shit you’re posting are just as embarrassed as you should be.

    “why not help your own communities for free”

    A good point – rappers could be doing it for free, but no need to belittle the positive steps people take. You need to take your PC back to wherever you got it from, you’re using it wrong.

  • Duro

    i live in the country! u dumb fuck! know before you speak you brainless Bastard. my community all well and good so cops never roll through. even Andy Mac don’t like you and thats bad when your own ppl don’t like you. just get the fuck off the computer and find something to do! maybe you wouldn’t waist so much time on the internet talking reckless.

  • Jvillian

    shit yall actin like rappers really fuckin work they dont do shit they speak and they get rewarded for that and the black community is fucked up they sayin no jobs no this theres always jobs for people who want to work man and want to earn that check bad conditions my ass they just fuckin lazy i aint racist or anything to get that straight but i seen it around my community im tellin yall like it is

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    Eminem ft 50 cent – You Dont Know (Produced by Zee)


  • hip hop hero

    im with andy mac on that(fucking crcker)quite making our whole race look shitty for your dumb ass opinions…..get a fucking life ass….

  • hip hop hero

    im with andy mac on this one “cracker” quite making our whole race look bad for your dumb ass opinions….get a fucking life you ass