russell-book.jpgMusic Mogul Russell Simmons will release a new book on self empowerment DO YOU! 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success on April 24 through Gotham Books. The book, written with Chris Morrow, is a guide to achieving financial and spiritual success using principals that the Def Jam founder has employed throughout his career. “I really do believe that we all possess happiness and success in our hearts, and we know these laws instinctively,” said Russell. “Yet often so many layers of negativity build up around us that we have a hard time remembering what we are capable of. These laws are shortcuts designed to help you peel back those layers so that you can return to your higher self. We all know there is tremendous power inside us; this book is simply a tool to help you remember how to access it.” In support of DO YOU!’s release, Russell will be making appearances in several major cities across the U.S. including New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles.