Paul Wall to Perform for Troops in Persian Gulf

Houston rapper Paul Wall has signed with the USO and actor/comedian Jamie Kennedy to travel to the Persian Gulf region and entertain U.S. troops. “Jamie Kennedy’s Hip-Hop Comedy Tour” will include Kennedy, Wall, comedian Bill Dawes, Stu Stone, DJ Joey Nicks and breakdancer Casper. Kennedy, a part time rapper himself, is perhaps best known for his role in the film Malibu’s Most Wanted and his MTV show The Jamie Kennedy Experience. A date for the tour has not yet been announced. The USO (United Service Organizations) is a non-profit organization that provides morale, welfare and recreational services to U.S. military personnel and their families. Other notable performers who have traveled abroad or otherwise pitched in to entertain and meet with troops include 50 Cent, Master P and Ludacris. In related news, Wall will also be joining the 2007 Honda Civic Tour with rock band Fall Out Boy. His sophomore solo LP, Get Money, Stay True is due out on April 3.

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  • nbNY

    first bitches

  • 2on2

    man i love paul wall

  • Big Chops


    H-A H-A H-A!!!!!!

  • Bazze G

    poor soldiers, first they get shot at by a bunch of ragheads then they have to listen to paul wall

  • Bazze G

    poor soldiers, first gettin shot at, then they listen to paul wall, i dont know whats worst

  • Rodjilius

    paul wall tight keep doin whatchu do

  • Jacob

    poor bazze g, first looking like an ignorant racist who understands nothing of international politics (“ragheads”? Come on..) Then he has to make himself feel better by dissing someone not only doing far more with his own life, but also sacrificing his time to entertain our troops in a place that’s shaping up to be a bloody clusterfuck in the next few months. Props to Paul Wall, from someone who chooses not to listen to his music but also chooses to let other people do them. One.

  • jacquez
  • thecoolguy

    ha! bazze g is right that seems like a punishment for the soldiers

  • Avenger

    Man those terrorists are dirty as hell talk about dirty warfare damn this is the worst terror tactic I ever heard of.

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    Paul Wall got some good songs, except for most of the songs in the Chick Magnet album & the worst song ever in music-Girl. Its also the most depressing song 2 ever listen to. His best songs are Sittin Sidewayz & They don’t know

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  • CREEPA 101

    2on2 Says:

    February 13th, 2007 at 1:23 pm
    man i love paul wall
    ^^^^^^^ARE YOU A HOMO????^^^

  • EReal

    LOL @ HipHop Comedy Tour.

    Paul Wall is now OFFICIALLY a JOKE.

    Props for supportin the troops tho, real talk.
    I got “brothas from otha mothas” over there and I support our troops 110%. I may not support what we’re doing or Bush or Paul Wall for that matter, but if you dont support your troops.. dig a hole. Str8^

    1 hunned.


    Why you bitches hating!!! I’m happy for anybody that goes over there and shows some love to the troops so they can take their mind off IEDs and AK-47 for a minute.

  • bud


  • MDubb

    Man i’m in the military and we appreciate that shit. Anybody coming over here is a blessing, and yes we can get on the net from anywhere. hate is why we’re at war now think about it.

  • jbrim

    MDUBB thats real talk homie

  • 707 GhostRydah

    Im in the military too and I been there in Iraq so for those hatin on this man for doin wha he do needs to realize that if you didnt have us you will have nothing. When you in that desert at 130 degreez with nothing you will feel me brabra. Paul Wall much luv from da BAY. YEEEE!!!

  • knock a bitch brainless

    much love to paul wall fuck the haters do you fa real .

  • qbpadJSnYA