New Documents Related to Notorious B.I.G. Case Surface

biggiechain2.jpg According to Los Angeles Times writer Chuck Philips, recently surfaced police records prove the LAPD’s assertion that Christopher Wallace, or the Notorious B.I.G., was not murdered by rogue cops on behalf of Death Row head Suge Knight. That theory, first floated by former detective Russell Poole, alleges that Knight hired corrupt officer David Mack to kill Wallace in retaliation for the shooting of Tupac Shakur.

The documents recently surfaced when Mack included them in a motion challenging the unrelated conviction for bank robbery he is currently serving time for. Philips writes that the police records disprove several aspects of Poole’s theory including the notion that Mack had a shrine to Tupac in his garage, and that he offered another officer a job working security for Knight. Much of the information that Poole used to build his theory came from two other LAPD detectives, Brian Tyndall and Greg Grant. Grant has since retired and Tyndall now heads a task force created last year to reinvestigate the murder.

Poole has also left the police force and testified as an expert witness on behalf of the Wallace family in a wrongful death lawsuit they filed against the City of Los Angeles. That suit ended in a mistrial in July 2005 when the presiding judge expressed concerns that the LAPD had withheld evidence. Mack and associate Amir Muhammad were originally named as defendants in that case, but were later dropped when both the LAPD and the FBI dismissed them as suspects. The Wallace family has since refiled the lawsuit and it is scheduled to move forward in federal court this summer. Chuck Philips has written extensively for the Los Angeles Times on the murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie.

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  • lil_c

    orlando anderson killed tupac shakur FACT! look back thru the case and FIND OUT why tupac shakur stomped on orlando anderson inside the mgm.
    biggie case im not sure who killed him but it could of been anyone from rogue cops to suge knight maybe someone biggie knew.

    just let the two brothers rest in piece now

  • EReal

    At least Biggie didnt die from eating hamburgers. He died on some real shit.
    I dont understand why people are still so obsessed. The LAPD isnt ever gonna cop to it, or find the person. Just let them be what they are to us, Martyrs of the game. Why does biggie’s family hafta sue? They aint got enough dough? Maybe puffy spent it all on jet ski’s and coke parties with white bitches.

    1 hunned.

  • fuckin cracker

    the best nigger, is a dead nigger. R.I.P. B.I.G.

  • A-Mac

    Everbody and there mamma know that suge knight got biggie and tupac killed how the hell tupac took all them shoots and suge didn’t get touched a set up plain amd simple

  • jacquez
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  • creepa 101

    lol ^^^ EREAL

  • citybo1

    thats fucked up man that could have been me or you how a million dolla niggas gone get smoke and they dont know who did it. we aint rich imagine what they could do to us

  • Rizzop

    “He died on some real shit” Are you high on coke or something? Aint nothing ‘real’ about a coward ass nigga shooting into a vehicle and him leaving behind a family..



  • EReal

    Rizz, that wasnt my point.
    We mourn Big because he was sencelessly taken from us by no fault of his own. He was shot over a nationwide beef that got out of hand. He died a martyr for the game. That was my point.

  • Galil ( Never forget 2pac 1971-1996)

    It’s so sad that the world may NEVER find out what really happened to Pac & B.I.G. it’s so fucked up 2 hear about these lawsuits cause it probably ain’t gonna change anything.
    R.I.P. Pac & B.I.G. legends never dies

    Look out 4 The Black Wallstreets CEO
    The Games new single Wouldn’t Get Far
    it’s hot BITCHES….


    We are talking about (black) rappers and Police, the truth may never come out.

  • Jersey Boy

    This case is messed up

  • Hurricane Game

    Suge killed B.I.G & 2Pac.
    Pac was goin to leave Death Row cause Suge was holding out on his $.
    Snoop even told some officer that.
    Suge then organised for B.I.G’s death to make it look like the East Coast-West Coast Rivalry.
    Fuck Suge Knight!
    Also killed Eazy-E.
    Aids takes years to go into full effect and you find out you have aids years before you die cause of the signs.
    Eazy only went into Hospital 2 weeks before his death.
    So Once again


  • Hurricane Game

    Oh PS.
    Ereal that shit aint funny what you just said.
    First you joke bout him not dying from eating too many Hamburgers(tasteless joke)
    Then talk bout “He died on some real shit”
    He left his family behind.
    Dats not real shit.
    Biggie would agree too that he would rather live and look after his family and make good music than die from what you call real shit.

    R.I.P Big Pop & Makaveli!

  • EnglandRepresent

    R.I.P. Big Poppa – the King of Hip-Hop

    I was watchin the Tupac, Biggie joint by Nick Broomfield the other night and there’s TWO eye witnesses and TWO former police officers plus one ‘accountant’ who all testify that Suge hired off duty LAPD police offers to wack Biggie. Shit, it ain’t that hard to get a conviction when you got all them muthafuckas sayin exactly the SAME thing. This shit makes me sick, muthafuck Yank cops…and fuck Suge Knight and anyone that looks like him, why the fuck Brooklyn has’nt stepped to that fat fuck I don’t know.

    Biggie Smalls is the illest

  • EReal

    Man that joke just totally flew over yalls head.

    Creepa’s the only one that got it.



    Bottom line what all ya’ll tryna say is dat we all kuved B.I.G. He was ill on dat mic. and suge had something 2 do w/ pac and biggie killing. HE ALWAYS WILL BE DA BEST LYRICIST. but 2PAC IZ DA BEST RAPPER EVER because he touched da people.

  • jf0x

    mobb deep killed biggie

  • jf0x


  • James

    Everyone killed Biggie. Let this guy rest in peace, I think they should stop diggin shit up.

    It wont bring him back, its been how many years now? 10 years and we dont kno who did it.

  • derfla the hus’la

    who killed biggie smalls? if we don’t get em they gon get us all…..

    it’s bigger then suge belie that..

  • D.A.

    Man they trying hard enough to find out who killed Biggie they to busy trying to get other rappers in jail

  • http://AOL BORICUA77

    I do agree that the two men should be left to rest in peace. But jutice must be done. These two men where murdered. I am sure if one of your familly members where killed then you would want justice.

  • oh yeah

    like jay-z said “i want biggie to rest in peace, as well as pac how real is that”…. real niggas do real things

  • M. Dees

    I believe cathy scott is very intellgence white lady, she said suge knight did kill 2pac. a-mac and hip hop is dead