M.O.P. Signs on To Push Sizzurp, Plans G-Unit Debut LP

mop.jpgBrooklyn group M.O.P. have signed on to endorse the Sizzurp Purple Punch Liqueur product originally developed and marketed in conjunction with Cam’ron and Jim Jones. According to Sizzurp’s distributor, Straight Up Brands, the group will push the drink with product placement in new song lyrics, music videos, and while on tour worldwide with tour van wraps, stage banners and on-stage pours. Straight Up Brands acquired Rappin’ Brands, the company that originally developed the drink, in early 2007. The company also has plans to launch a pineapple flavored beverage called Lucky Nites with Houston native Lil Flip, a brand of sparkling wine with Foxy Brown, and Storm Vodka with DJ Clue. In related news, “7:30” the first single from the duo’s upcoming G-Unit debut LP, has been selected by CBS Sports and the New York Knicks for use during their broadcasts. The video for the song, which will feature Sizzurp product placement, is currently being edited for MTV and is scheduled to debut on March 1. The new album, rumored to be called Yearly Physical, is set for a May 2007 release and the group is preparing to launch their first world tour since signing to 50 Cent’s label.

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  • derfla the hus’la

    daim it’s about time……another cold as ice in the making i hope

  • chozin_0ne

    I dont kno bout that liqour ish, but u gotta respect M.O.P. They on some real shir.

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  • OG Frank


  • http://www.snicka.com SNICKA

    MOP getting down with dipset

  • http://yahoo.com quin_c813

    Damn i dont think 50 gonna like them pushin sizzurp with all the dipset beef,lets c wat happens!!!

  • 123

    Talk about a slow news day… *YAWN*

  • redd

    Who cares! They were and will continue to be overrated. No one cares about these guys out side of New York. Please give it up fellas. Your old act your age now give up this tough guy act that has gotten you no where.

  • http://xxlmag.com TerrorTwinz 07


  • the real yellow nigga

    MOP, unlike Mob Deep, don’t seem like the kinda cats who take orders. You know like 50 sayin’ he LET the little ballerina sign to Koch. I’ll LET you endorse Sizzurp? I doubt it, but hey, maybe…

  • thorney

    Word..I think 50′s a smart enuf dude to let MOP do their thing and not play with the formula 2 much, just 1 big single to let the world kno and they’ll be takin ova.

  • elcapitan

    he not beefin with dipset you fools just cam’ron…just making changes jimmy the boss, juelz the capo anyway eFF that sizzurp mess…


    Who cares these dude suck.


    Landiggy go do the knowledge new jack…MOP is far from wack motherfucker

  • mboggie

    This deal shouldn’t cause any turmoil between 50, MOP, or dipset after didn’t fifty just let his man prodigy sign to koch records which is run by the main capo himself jim jones. i dont see 50 rushing to save his man. MOP is back, its about to be a real 4 alarm blaze

  • Rest In Piss

    yea fa real these niggas are fucn wacc, these 2 fools, olivia, n mazaradi foxx or w.e the fuc name, shud b takin outta g-unit, they all wacc
    but look out fa that young buck album buck the world march 20th niggas

  • S Biz

    Sizzurp is not owned by anybody Dipset affiliated anymore for those interested, and for the people that mentioned it.Straight Up Brands has announced that is has acquired Rappin Brands LLC, a company established in 2003 that has agreements with various Hip-Hop artists to market personalized lines of alcoholic beverages.

    The new owners are looking for new people to promote their product with.

  • cat a lano

    LOVE M.O.P
    LOVE “730″

  • Swedish boy

    There already is a video for 7:30

  • http://myspace.com/maximtheincredible MAXEEM the Incredible

    fuck these mo’fuckaz who can’t rap for shit, all they do is shout, I mean, look at how many years it has taken them to do a serious album since God knows when.

    these niggaz style is just ‘as cold as ice’, just can’t believe that 50 has the “curtus-y” to spend even a dollar on these mo’fuckaz, it seems he has the ‘will to sacrifice’

  • http://xxlmag.com E-man (South c)myspace.com/emanamedevol

    Big Up M.O.P/stay focused though and keep yo M.O.B.E-manamedevol.

  • http://xxlmag.com E-man (South c)

    and Fuck yall.

  • Borat

    m.o.p r fuckin street nigga,s m.o.p.

  • jacquez
  • http://www.hotmail.com suparaoul

    damn they gonna flop. 50 better get rid of them NOW!!!

  • EReal

    M.O.P will mash you out son.
    I dont drink Sizzurp, I put it on waffles n shit. Real Talk.


    1 hunned,

  • Mister B

    Wow hating on the Mash out posse yall some funny dudes….lol…MOP is and has been the realest and hardest out, point blank period

  • http://xxlmag.com VERSEital

    50 would love M.O.P. pushing Sizzurp. This is just another way for him to get money and get money off of Dip Set. It’s like when he tried to sign Styles, and even said he would sign Jada. He don’t give a fuck as long as money is involved.

  • http://www.yomamahouse.com Peppa

    well shit that got for dem nigga’s M.O.P more money for dem nigga.. and more money for g-unit.. and fuck dat nigga killa.. u know that lil bitch ass nigga cannot come back to d.c. Killa know snitch leads to 6th feet under.. and d.c nigga dont take shit like dat from no nigga’s…


    why the fuck did 50 evan sighn these niggaz they cant rap maybe cuz he wanna surround himself with hood niggaz. but w/e its dipset bitch.

  • crazy MOFO


  • Pingback: Underground Flow » Blog Archive » M.O.P. Signs on To Push Sizzurp

  • Pingback: Underground Flow » Blog Archive » M.O.P. Signs on To Push Sizzurp

  • Da Boss

    50 has specifically said he likes Jim Jones and “promoted” him to the boss of Dipset, he has no problem with Juelz, and has “promoted” him as well. The only person he has a problem with in Dipset is Camron. Let’s be honest, Camron is wack to begin with. Nobody wants to hear about your Irritable Bowel Syndrome, mothafucka! And everyone hating on M.O.P. is a fuckin clown.

  • LBC to tha SLC

    So Cam & 50 are beefin and the same fools that 50 has on his label is promoting Cam’s drink? What the fuk??

  • jay

    funny how M.O.P is with g-unit and 50 is beefing with Cam now but hes the other promoter for this shit haha

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