Lloyd Banks, Young Hot Rod and Sha Money XL to Create Original Music for Online Basketball Game

G-Unit artists Lloyd Banks and Young Hot Rod, and in-house producer and executive Sha Money XL have signed on to produce original music for the soon to be released game FreeStyle Street Basketball. The game, which is due out later this year, is a massively multiplayer online game where thousands of players can compete with each other simultaneously via the Internet. Banks has been tapped to record the theme song for the game and Hot Rod will create an all new exclusive track. “I jumped at the chance to create an exclusive song for FreeStyle Street Basketball, especially since hip-hop has always been relevant in the street basketball culture,” said Lloyd Banks. “I’m always playing video games so to have the opportunity to record the theme song for a game is crazy.” Sha Money XL will create seven all new beats for the game and will also helm the boards for the Banks and Hot Rod tracks. G-Unit artists embody the spirit of street basketball so Lloyd Banks, Young Hot Rod, and Sha Money XL are a perfect fit for FreeStyle Street Basketball,” said Ed Zobrist, President of the game’s developer Sierra Online. “We are excited to combine great artists with great gameplay.” The game will be offered for a public preview this spring, with an official release date to follow.

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  • uvf_4_life

    say wat want about the unit they still do it the biggest in hip hop when it come to that doe.go cop that buck the world march 20th get buck is crazy!!!!!

  • EReal

    Man, maybe Bank$ should concentrate on making better albums and they would sell.
    Any Bakn$ Mixtape > RA

    1 hunned.

  • jfoxgotraps

    do ya thang banks. I think Rotten Apple is HOTT. Maybe the name kept it from selling. Music is dope though. Banks also wins the mixtape award for 06′.


    i fuck witt banks all day,do ya thang fuck what they say get money.


    i fuck witt banks all day,do ya thang fuck what they say get money.

  • http://www.soulink.net SOUL INK

    These brothers are bout there business

  • brah brah

    banks is still quality even though rotten apple was not 2 great, hot rod seems promisin 2, 07 is the yr 4 g-unit with 50 and buck both coming out, they will sell shit loads

  • Chuck Norris

    cant wait to play and whoop some ass on that mothafucka!

  • http://afrosamurai.com RZA Presents Afro Samurai Soundtrack……. Jan 30th

    Lloyd Bank$ muthafukers

  • dollar skollar


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  • http://ROTTENAPPLE10/10/06COPTHATSHIT Nigga101

    G shit man fuck u haters biches

  • Galil ( Detox is comin Still AFTERMATH)

    Haha yeah Lloyd “50′s little bitch” Banks knows that he is a flop when it comes 2 make an album so that’s why he will now make gangsta songs 4 video games. I can’t wait for this bullshit!!


  • durty runner

    Banks Music Bangin’ Do ya thang Niggas GGGG-Unit.

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  • Dade County 305

    them brothas keep making paper while cats b haitin on them. keep up the good work UNIT.


    banks is a bitch, he had a gun on him when he got popped, he didn’t didn’t shoot nuttin and young hot rod got aired out by juice, sha moneys got talent wit the beats but either way all dem niggas bitch

  • http://www.myspace.com/dotgenetix Dot Genetix

    Fuck that, I’m not a new nigga to the music or art game. Just been sittin on my beats til now. I been in the lab perfectin my kraft, heavy artwork and that Hottlava for verses.(7 years Ya digg!) I got the loops spinnin, you want the full metal?? Hit me.
    (Fuk wit me now or Fuk wit me now)

    P.s. I gotta freebie for ya rhyme niggaz. http://www.myspace.com/dotgenetix
    Uno! my Niggz

  • http://www.myspace.com/zeeprod Zee Productions

    Shade 45 Contest:

    Eminem ft Ca$his – Jimmy Crack Corn(Produced by Zee)

    Eminem ft 50 cent – You Dont Know (Produced by Zee)



  • jacquez
  • J.R.O.

    Young mixtape Banks — real shit, a beast

  • teflon da don

    banks da hardest nigga out fuck what watchyaself talkin bout hatin ass nigga