G-Unit artists Lloyd Banks and Young Hot Rod, and in-house producer and executive Sha Money XL have signed on to produce original music for the soon to be released game FreeStyle Street Basketball. The game, which is due out later this year, is a massively multiplayer online game where thousands of players can compete with each other simultaneously via the Internet. Banks has been tapped to record the theme song for the game and Hot Rod will create an all new exclusive track. “I jumped at the chance to create an exclusive song for FreeStyle Street Basketball, especially since hip-hop has always been relevant in the street basketball culture," said Lloyd Banks. "I'm always playing video games so to have the opportunity to record the theme song for a game is crazy.” Sha Money XL will create seven all new beats for the game and will also helm the boards for the Banks and Hot Rod tracks. G-Unit artists embody the spirit of street basketball so Lloyd Banks, Young Hot Rod, and Sha Money XL are a perfect fit for FreeStyle Street Basketball," said Ed Zobrist, President of the game's developer Sierra Online. "We are excited to combine great artists with great gameplay." The game will be offered for a public preview this spring, with an official release date to follow.