Ice Cube to Star in First Sunday

Ice Cube has signed on to star in and co-produce a film called First Sunday, a film about two men who try to rob a church, but instead end up being shown the error of their ways by the parishioners they take hostage. Playwright David E. Talbert, who has been writing gospel-themed plays for 15 years, will make his directorial debut on the project. First Sunday will begin filming on May 14 in Los Angeles and Baltimore. The film is scheduled to hit theaters around the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, according to Variety. In related news, Cube recently wrapped filming on Are We Done Yet?, the sequel to the 2005 comedy Are We There Yet. The former N.W.A front man is also developing a remake of Welcome Back Kotter with the Weinstein Company.

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  • dubldealing

    wow…i thought at 1st this was a prequel to friday..but then read this bullshit..

  • billblackfish


  • rezcuetheghost

    3rd lol

  • Rizzop

    Of course you idiots would think someone learning not to be ignorant thieves and find jesus would think its boring……assholes (god forgive me)

  • Whoa

    Rizzop u got a dick stuck in ur mouth

  • Boner Jams 03

    rizzop…u’re a bitch…and not the good kind either

  • derfla the hus’la

    niggas are so quick to hate they forget that thats a bitch trate.

  • East STL

    Welcome Back Kotter?You got to be motherfuccin shittin me.


    i never liked cubes music but his movies were the shit.

  • hip hop aint dead it just took a couple shots.

    Yeah dats my BOOOOOOOOOY cube gettin another movie deal tellin yall niggaz ta go ta church yo!!!!

  • Ny TiLL Da EnD

    U might not like Cube but u gotta respect the nigga for earning his money …

  • jacquez
  • 502killa

    i hope deebo is in it.

  • Big C from Fo-Town

    everyone is after dat paper chase ma dudes. stop hatin on a n**** cuz he’s gittin his ya digg…

    and cube is one of the most lyrically talented mc’s out…still…

  • rec

    respect his hustle…Cubes’ one of the few people in Hollywood on OUR side!

  • Jeronimo

    Iam die hard fan of Cubes but honeslty thats some bull!What he needs to do is make another Friday except now he could call it Saturday. Get Chris Tucker&Mike Epps together on it and thats a box office hit.

  • Notorious AGC


  • Lock_Down

    who really gives a shit!

  • wacko G

    who gives a fuck what kind of movie the man makes? yes friday was good,but makeing another one will kill it.the next friday and then the one after that were both gay and ruined it…theres nothing wrong with religon,even some of the biggest killer and gangsters are real religous,so dont fucking hate on something you dont under stand…besides if he did a remake of anything,i think boys in the hood woulda been a good one if they hadnt said he was murdered at the end of the first one….

  • Dade County 305

    u young brothas think every damn movie gotta b about killing or on sum g shit all the time. i bet some of u dumb suckaz wasnt born when nwa came out. cube better than 95% of these rappers 2day. think im bsn youngins, go peep all the brotha albums out. cube makin them movies & maybe these young cats will get smart & wise up. i like that g shit too but cube cant limit his work to hood shit. thats not what black people r all about. do ya history young cats. its about time our actors r winnin oscars with out bn gangstaz,gettin fuck by white me(halle) & 3 six mafia(hard bn a pimp). wise up young brothas.

  • erpx mbkitps

    kmfgrav oguswm vnyp ntlmrjae qmarkpluw xgniu trhepxu