Foxy Brown was arrested in Pembroke Pines, FL on Thursday (February 15) following an altercation with a beauty store owner. According to the Miami Herald, Brown arrived at Queen Beauty Supply at 12105 Pembroke Rd. just before closing time and purchased a bottle of hair glue and went into the bathroom to apply it. When store owner Hayssam Ghoneim knocked on the door and told Foxy she had to leave because the store was closing, she refused to exit the bathroom. When she finally emerged, Ghoneim says she tried to push him and squirted the hair glue at him. He said the rapper then started knocking over display shelves, yelling profanities and threatened to “send some guys to hurt you and the store.” She spat on the floor and at Ghoneim before she left.

When a police officer arrived, responding to a 911 call placed by Ghoneim, he located Foxy nearby in the shopping plaza and attempted to bring her back to Queen Beauty Supply. As he put his hand on her shoulder, Foxy swatted it away and started flailing her arms at him. The officers report states that he eventually had to ‘‘utilize a takedown maneuver to gain control'' of the rapper. In October of 2006, Foxy was sentenced to three years probation after she plead guilty to an assault charge stemming from an altercation in a New York nail salon in 2004. According to a report in the New York Daily News, Foxy could now face jail time because she traveled to Florida without the permission of her probation officer. “We will be asking a judge to lock her up on a probation violation,” said Jack Ryan, a spokesman for the city Department of Probation. “She was supposed to be attending anger management classes...She certainly had no permission to be in Florida and getting arrested is a definite violation of her probation.” Foxy was released from Broward County jail on Friday afternoon (February 16) after posting a $1500 bond.