Eminem Denies Engagement Rumors

A representative for rapper Eminem has debunked rumors that he and ex-wife Kim Mathers were once again engaged. People magazine reports that Interscope Records representative Dennis Dennehy gave the following statement on behalf of Eminem: “Those reports are absolutely untrue.”

The couple divorced for the second time in 2006 after only three months together. In recent weeks, rumors began to surface that the two were once again attempting to work out their differences and were planning a third wedding. The rumor stemmed from statements made by singer Akon who collaborated with Em on the single “Smack That,” during a recent interview.

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  • jacquez

    fuck outta here with ur south crap myspace.

  • DoubleR

    Who fuckin cares about ol boy and his fuckin love life…..NOT ME…..anyone else? Fuck XXL you need to STEP YOUR GAME UP!

  • http://www.myspace.com Rick D.

    damn yo…

    up and down and back up and back down,,,

    fucked up when you got all that dough you cant settle a simple issue with your wife….

  • http://www.myspace.com/zeeprod Zee Productions

    who cares about that stuff bout his music
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  • creepa 101

    I heard he was dating 50

  • Galil ( Never forget 2pac 1971-1996)

    Nahh 50 is dating Flop Banks aka Lloyd “50′s little bitch” Banks.
    Em knows that he couldn’t stay wit that bitch cause he only did 4 his daughter.

    Fuck g-unit it’s The Black Wallstreet/ Shady/ Aftermath 4 life now…..


  • fuckin cracker


  • XTC

    doubler shut the fuck up

    akon has a big mouth i hope it aint true and i hope eminem dont get pissed at akon

  • Hurricane Game

    Kim is ugly as fuck and Eminems a pussy.
    plus Em aint goin out with 50, Dre or Even Obie Trice.
    He’s goin out with

  • http://www.myspace.com/thaboss91 Nobody

    y would u try talkin shit about a rapper on XXL mag.com knowin damn well if i saw him youd be hidin in the cut if he came around ur area (no homo) thats right i said *hiding*

  • No homo

    ”Nobody” thats soo fucking true. these Mofo’s just jappi’n there mouths infront of the computer, if you’d see anyone of these rapper’s you’d be star struck.

  • http://www.xxl.com OATS

    wouldnt it be somthin to see if this did start sutmhin up between Em and Akon, even though i know Em would easily tear his ass up…lol…im jus sayin ..”what if”

  • Hurricane Game

    “Em would easily tear his ass up…”
    No homo to the tear his ass up part.
    Akon could probably smack the shit outta Em.
    Akons WOULD Knock Eminems bleached hair off his bed

  • Hurricane Game

    Head not Bed…

  • CREEPA 101

    Oh well EMINEM is probaly fucking and getting fucked by BANKS, 50, AKON, DRE, BUCK , and THE BIG SNOOP DAWG!


    EM is just like everybody eles,goes threw the same thing alot of people do when there crazy, or pussy whiped, just get a new chick Em, STOP LOOKING LIKE A DAMM FOOL. that just goes to show you just cause someone has money doesnt mean there sane.

  • Fuck Tha Game

    Fuck yall niggaz you guys just mad just eminem and g-unit is doing big things and yall is not. Go Cop that buck tha world fuck Doctor’s advocate…

  • EReal

    LOL @ Em haters.
    Bet you that dude will SMASH on your favorite rapper, straight up(No Jabba the Bol). How come noone wants beef with em???
    Besides, Em is fuckin whatever bitch he wants. Dont hate cause dude has banged Brittany Murphy and Mariah, yeah he’s real gay.

    “Fuck g-unit it’s The Black Wallstreet/ Shady/ Aftermath 4 life now…..”
    Hey Dumbass, Gayme isnt on Aftermath anymore to let you know and how ignorant can you be to say that shit when its Shady / Aftermath / G-unit??

    Black Wall Street is garbage, quit ridin Gaymes dick.

    1 hunned.

  • yeepp

    eminem needs to come back with a dope album. hesworking on it.

  • Jay-J

    Im feel ya EREAL.
    How come everyone suddenly hates em?
    If u all saw him on the streets your asses would be beggin for autografs, n u all know it…

  • E-Hustle

    LMAO@EREAL! Nigga you on point.
    Dat lame bitch nigga Galil is a retard!

  • Hurricane Game

    Ereal get off 50′s dick.
    G-Unit is whats killing hip hop 2day.
    Along with Chicken Noodle soup, Dem Franchise Homo’s and their lil pop da shoulder dance.
    Em need to harden up(no homo) and smack that shit outta Kim.

  • http://eminemlounge.com Eminem

    We are getting married. Dont believe Interscope…

  • EReal

    ^ I didnt say anything about 50 you lil pussy.
    Why dont you get off my dick, since you feel it necissary to dickride every comment I make?
    Why dont you get off Gaymes dick you stan? Is my screen name 50 cent? Pssht.
    Why don’t you explain to me how G-unit is killin hiphop smart guy?

    Maybe the Gayme is killin hiphop becuase he buys into all that super-producer 15 rappers on his album bullshit cause he cant stand on his own two as an artist?? Ever think of that? Nope cause you’re a Game stan and all you lil game stans know how to do is g-unit hate because your boy is garbage. Go have a change of heart, thats what this dude does all day long with the now Im beefin now Im apologizin shit.
    Im not even really into G-unit, I just cant stand ignorant little blackstreet boys 15 year old stans.

    1 hunned.

  • reggie-red

    hip hop is not dead. if it is why is this mag still going? i think g-unit has slipped but be honest, Em can still murder any beat. Dip-set sucks. They just make up words to say. Thats the truth to(ex. blam with them blamers) Cam needs to go back to school. Dip-set=cash money. long live the doc and slim shady. the best producer and lyricist ever

  • Sshady

    ey faggs no one asked about how u fell about em so mind ur damn bisuness im here to say that killa black u proved ur a fool urslef
    as for hurricame-in-ur-month stop with them stupid post-em is going out with akon? u faggot at least com up with somthing descent
    dickler u son of a bitch dont care about ems life why the hell did u come here??tell us y u pressed that danm link that got u here?to prove u a morron -creepa join the hurricame on my face group with wack posts

  • Cuban Link

    HIP HOP FAN Says:

    February 7th, 2007 at 12:56 pm
    fuck outta here with ur south crap myspace.


  • http://www.myspace.com/blizz2007 BLiZz

    so much hate for a rapper who made alot of good shit and brought alot more rapers for you to envy..

    Alot of people have problems letting go of a chic a bitch whatever u wanna call her if you love or loved her your heart gonna fuck wit you so yea let the boy do his thang

    and yall fags needa quit watching that fake gay porn video that claims to be banks i cant beleive people still obsessed with that shit you homos probally got it on dvd sittin by your bottle of lotion n shit

  • wacko G

    everyone here is a bunch of haters…quit hateing on em..that mother fucker made over 30 million in one year so oveously you guys the only haters..if he was n o good,how the fuck he make that much money?????