DMX to Launch DMX Authentic and Earl Simmons Signature Collection Clothing Lines

Rapper DMX is set to launch two separate clothing lines this week, DMX Authentic and the Earl Simmons Signature Collection. Initial product offerings from the lines will be limited to graphic t-shirts, however plans are underway for denims, leathers, camouflage, cotton and knits for both men and women. The overall look of the lines has been described as “no frills, utilitarian” and “basic with an edge.” The graphic t-shirts, scheduled to hit stores on February 9, will feature images that communicate DMX’s interests, such as cars, music and his pitbulls. The DMX Authentic line will offer basic pieces, while The Earl Simmons Signature Collection will offer higher-end specialty items.

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  • EReal

    Uhm yeah. Not so much.

    1 hunned

  • The Killaz

    he need to pay the lawyers. get on your grizzly darkman.. DMX is still that dude.. lazer gun rap is the future yall, the killaz –

  • creepa 101

    how bout he names his clothing line “IM A DUMB FUCK THAT LIKES TO GET PULLED OVER ALL THE TIME”

  • EReal

    Dude, dont his clothes sound like those shirts that the vatos wear?
    They have like lowriders and pitbulls and shit on em, is that the look he’s goin for? The east LA look… lmfao

  • S on my chest

    No one buyin that shit. Damn negro you’ll fuck up your finances even more.

  • TerrorTwinz 07

    That shit will be in clearance the day it comes out. This man boosts to much of his own work.Bag it and stack bank X, no more lightin’ tha rock.Crack man X.

  • Dr Flav

    Again a popular black entertainer does something entrepreneur, and jealous, insecure, cornball assmasters try to shoot it down. Did anyone see the gear? Stay out that man personal problems, buy a shirt or STFU!

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  • Hurricane Game

    Hey at least he aint make no silly looking Teh Ghey Hats.

    “Looking at Common shaking head”

  • i hate haters

    i say let the man do what he wants dunno why every hating him for it jeez yall people need to chill just coz a black man doing better than all of u.U all on the front lol

  • http://xxl-mag

    Ryde ir die

  • http://xxl-mag

    new song E-man feat DMX;the way shit goes.

  • http://xxl-mag

    Dmx feat E-manamedevol in Dog meets Wolf.

  • rideor die

    Shut up you loser ass fags. Damn talk aout money troubles. hows you job at micky Ds working out for you what 5.45 an hour. To the faggot that said crack man X how about i crack you head open. Go suck a dick. know you can post back and talk shit but it dont matter because you talking shit about someone that will never see this and the could fuck you up any day any time.

  • Infamous

    wats wif ride or die havin a spaz attack LOL on yo period or sumthin homie?

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