DMX Arrested Again for Driving Infraction

Rapper DMX was arrested once again on Friday (February 2) in his hometown of Yonkers, NY for a driving related infraction. According to News 12 Westchester, police pulled over the rapper’s vehicle on Yonkers Avenue after he ran a red light, and found him to be driving with a suspended license. He is due in court on February 14 to answer to this latest charge. In January, X promised a White Plains, NY judge that he would be present in court on March 6 for a pretrial hearing related to another driving related arrest. After missing two court dates for that case in 2006, he was held overnight at the Westchester County Jail before posting $25,000 bail.

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  • crack

    what else is new

  • big meech

    i done got nabbed for speeding last night n dey took my shit away, me n x in da same boat

  • bptzlastson

    this fucking guy!

  • jasiya1:9



    he startin to look real pathetic now.

  • G’s up

    d is on that crack again!

  • leo

    so I guess theres no belly 2 huh,this muthafuker man!!!

  • gumer

    NIGGA STOP IT!!!!!!!

  • Charles

    Just lock this nigga up already…enough is enough!

  • young smooth

    my nigga, for real. what is wrong with this dumb ass nigga… he is the epitome of a dumb ass. get off the pipe, it’s ruing your life, already fucked up the music, not even swizz can save that ass no mo. use to b a fan, real talk… i bought his piece of shit last album, wasw making a 2 hour trip so i was like imma rock this joint, see what my man D is up too. i was so heated it was so wack i threw that shit out the window after track 11. that nigga owe me 10.00, i went to bestbuy… haha! DMX, Dumass Muthafuckin Xavier, dig a hole and go bury yourself. peace and love to all the hip hop heads out there.

  • Kid Anonymous

    damn this nigga sorry, i’m quickly losing any respect for him.

  • J.R.O.

    Ain’t shit changed.

  • Big Work

    He’ll change his ways this time. I know it!

  • $$EAZY_MONEY$$

    cocaine is a helluva drug


    I know this is off topic but if that corny ass Jacquez post that shitty link to his cronball ass myspace with his cheap ass songs I’m gonna go to his hood, mobile home, etc. and slap him in the face with my dick that shit is soo wack if I rap that bad I would just keep that shit to myself

  • stoneyisland

    It’s obvious by now that X has a drug problem and unfortunately the resources to feed it. he needs some serious jail time to get himself to gether. it’s obvious by his action that he wants to be locked up, this so called i dont give a fuck mentality is beyond stupid. This niggas has kids and I am sure they are proud of his actions, I can imagine what they go through at school getting clowned all the time because their father like to get arrested. DMX you should be ashamed nigga. Ashamed.

  • S on my chest

    Just cus you got money don’t mean your clever. DMX you dumb fuck.

  • J S-O-T

    lol, seriously?, ,man this guy really needs to stop this shit, it’s gettin borin, i like X but he is one major dumb shit, “Cocaine is a helluva drug”- easy money lol

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  • morryzon

    god damn it, X man you just fucking up they need to lock dude up or something. i mean just i hate them bars and hate seeing any of our brother behind them but shit either that or rehab or something cuz this shit is out of hand now

  • Stax On Deck

    X CHILL THE FUCK OUT! Nigga damn you rich. Go chill in the bahamas or something. This is getting beyond old!

  • AirlineGeneral

    yeah man I’m a big fan of X and this shit is pissing me off I mean damn I know this nigga don’t give a fuck but c’mon dog just chill out atleast for the fans this not a good look on the younger fans too I hope the next time we hear X in the news hopefully it will be something positive



  • it be like dat

    My Lord Jesus-help em please!!! He has so much wisdom and potential. But that thang is something serious, its drragging our people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And making us look foolish.

  • it be like dat

    Lord give em a sign PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • Dr Flav

    This story aint say shit about any drugs. Why dont yall get off a nigga dick. Some Probably on Ex, Weed, Pills or drink, NEWSFLASH, ITS ALL DRUGS! Its A traffic violation, while some of you trying to send dude to Rikers. Get money, D doing fine he paid his bail.

  • citybo1

    lord send him a sign!!!!

  • louiefuse

    yo… vehicles are dangerous with a skilled responsible driver. so all that tryin to downplay a traffick violation is ignorant imo cause dmx keeps doin the shit! runnin red lights! cmon now. that nigga fuck around and run somebody the fuck over. plus who knows what that nigga be on or what emotional state hes in when he does these little infractions. think about it.

  • Pnobronx

    I’m not understanding this shit at all,If me or any one of the normal people capt doing this every month we’d be locked up for 6 months to a year.And this guy gets off every time this sucks.He went from hard core crack to hardcore rap to rapping about god is calling him,So maybe he should tell the judge that this is part of what god wants him to do.The court is really sick and twisted when it comes to POLICE ,AND STARS.They can do anything an get away with it.So i guess we should all become rappers,or Policemen that way we can do anything we want to do,Feel like killing someone we’ll walk,want to robb the bank we’ll walk,Slap the shit out of bush well we will not walk but shit it would be a good try right and it would be worth it…

  • Tabu

    Dumb ass nigga! That crack/cocaine is affecting him for sure. Its gonne to his head if you ask me.

  • CREEPA 101


  • jacquez
  • Bundles

    D is a funny ass dude! They should give this nigga 10 years!! Lol


    I love DMX but I think he needs to be locked up for at least a year so he can detox .

  • jacquez

    don’t listen

    take my word for it.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    In the words of Jim Carey from the movie “Liar Liar” ….


  • spickster

    dogs can’t drive woof woof

  • Dr Flav

    See what I mean, you got mofos wishing a black man to jail! AINT IT ENOUGH NIGGAS IN THE CAPITALISTIC PENAL SYSTEM?

  • Young Gutta Aka paper boy(Long live da king) MW

    Der da dmxI know…

  • sousthside Atl dopeboi

    man dmx a real nigga i dont care how much crack he smoke he still my nigga cuz he real jus cuz a nigga is a rapper dont mean he not gone make mistakes so what fuck the police jail aint shit easy to go in but hard to get out niggaz get locked up everyday i could tell yall some white boys

  • toscana

    E grande io ha trovato il vostro luogo! Le info importanti ottenute! ))

  • xrealest

    this goes out 2 yall wiggas & niggas who says x last album is wack including u crack head who goes by tha name of YOUNG SMOOTH u 80 born baby crack head mutha fucks yall dont know shit bout rap & talkin loud u smell like shit u nead 2 change ur diaper x still talk 4 tha weak & hungry who keap 4 tha part of tha streat ugly materfact i own 2 of his new cds one wit tha exclusive dvd on one with out & its hot u crack head muhfuckers u r fucked by tha dirty music 24/7 i pop my colla shit x dont pop colla he pop niggas like u mater fact litsen 4 three 6 mafia feat dmx popin my colla remix he pops u like that u 80 born babys muhfukers real talk dont let tha media fuck u litsen 2 tha tape look 4 streat knowledge dont look 4 commercial rapers sayn 24/7 bling bling i own this men its wack we nead real king of rap like dmx & 4 him bean a trouble dog aint nothin new he get down like that from tha start he was raised by tha streat i think u know wasup so shit tha fuck up & let him do his shit yall used 2 doubt tupac now u start 2 doubt who is king of rap who is still alive u cant b serius respect & apriciate only tha greatest fuck tha bullshit dmx is tha grand champ real talk hollaaaaaaa…