defjamicon.jpgDef Jam Interactive and Electronic Arts have built a feature into Def Jam: Icon, the latest installment of their popular video game that will allow players to purchase virtual clothing from real life designers. The New York Post reports that players can either choose to play as rappers such as Method Man, Jim Jones and T.I. or model their characters after themselves, as they fight to rise to the top of the music industry. As their character becomes more successful, and in turn closer to imaginary music mogul Curtis Carver, the players amass more virtual money to spend on clothing in the game. Just as a real rap star would, Def Jam: Icon players can then go to virtual clothing stores and shop for brand name gear from Sean John, Phat Farm and Rocawear. Pricing on the clothing is similar to real world designer items, with a Sean John hoodie running a player about $78. “We wanted to create as authentic an experience as possible," said vice president of Marketing for Def Jam Enterprises, Lauren Wirtzer. The game’s designers also employed something called “clothing physics” which causes the gear to ripple and move as real clothing would when a person walks.