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  • Gutta

    first…i respect both men for they hustle game but lets be serious, cam doesnt come close to 50 as far as money or net worth. cam has been in the game alot longer than 50 but yet hasnt accomplished as much in the rap game as much as 50 has. both are great entrepenuers tho, keep gettin that money.

  • Sayso is Donny Slaughter

    Cam can’t even come close 2 50′s bread, and he all talkin’ bout how much Jimmy made, but Killa Season ain’t do shyt, just like I figured, I say demote Cam to Capo and promote Jimmy to Major, and Juelz to General, since numbers is all that matters!!! And Cam tried to pull a 50 and have his boys shoot him in tha arm to boost them sales, they shudda shot him in tha ass and gave him brain damage!!! And who’s tiny ass office was they in, my bathroom bigger than that shyt!!!

  • Risk One

    Fuck all u haters dipset for life