C-Murder Re-Trial Begins

C-Murder will appear in court today (February 26) to once again face murder charges for the 2002 shooting death of 16-year-old Steve Thomas inside of the Platinum Club in Jefferson Parish, La.. Miller was found guilty of the crime in September of 2003, but the conviction was overturned last year after presiding judge Martha Sassone discovered that prosecutors had withheld relevant background information of certain key witnesses. C-Murder was released from prison and placed on house arrest in March of 2006. In a controversial move, Judge Sassone released the No Limit soldier from home incarceration despite objections from prosecutors who argued that he had violated the terms of the program. The judge then reinstated the order of house arrest in August after a state appeals court ruled that she should have offered prosecutors a chance to argue her decision. In related news, C is also preparing for the release of a new album entitled Screamin’ 4 Vengeance, on which he is said to address the circumstances surrounding his arrest and incarceration. In October Judge Sassone denied a request made by C-Murder’s attorney that would have allowed him to grant interviews in support of the album.

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  • sweetjamesjones

    this shit has been gooing on so long who even cares anymore. No limits been dead for years anyways

  • AzRealAsDeyCum

    Good Luck To Ya C.

  • J MOS

    He’s innocent, the justice system is just trying to put away another young rich black man. Keep ya head up C, you’ll be home in no time.

  • CREEPA 101

    keep that nigga locked up

  • ya boy sneetch

    My nigga C, first one to post whoday

    keep yah head up
    them white folks will set you free this time

  • triplesixninja

    Homeboys name says it all: C-MURDER
    that knicca is a ruthless icy cold killa. This aint the first incident he had where he was shooting people outside clubs. Like a year before all this went down he tried to buck a nightclub owner and the bouncer because they wanted to frisk his ass before letting him in. Then his gun jammed and he bounced

  • mastermind


  • M.E.M.P.H.I.$ NIGGA


  • J.R.O.

    I read in the mag that he has a song about the whole shooting. What type of shit is that??

  • http://xxlmag.com TerrorTwinz 07

    Once Im out they pull me right back in.C.d. won’t sell but he’ll get locked up again.

  • Fuck gayme

    GUILTY!! nuf said

  • jacquez
  • slimm

    ya’ll need 2 stop fuckin hatin on c he’s innocent and u fuck niggas need 2 tighten up and stop hatin wit ya’ll fuck ass.thats y black people can’t get ahead cause we 2 busy tryin 2 hold each other down .he’s no killer and people need 2 stop tha hatred 4 this man .ya heardd.so fuckk u haters i hope he wins keep ya head up c.

  • Jiggathat,,,

    dont give him the death penalty,…..Let him rot in jail, killers dont belong on the streets, especially ones that kill 16 year olds, fucking pussy

  • eighce

    Is C-Murder going to be on Dancing with the Stars? That’ll be a big ratings booster…haha.

  • EReal

    Fuck that shit, he should be a free man right now str8^.

    They just said they threw out the conviction because the prosecutors withheld info. I’d have all of the prosecutors disbarred for that bullshit. What happened to double jeopardy??? This whole sitch is fucked. Dude needs a better lawyer. Too bad Masssa P is too busy eatin off his seed to help out his brother. The fucker looks just like em.

    1 hunned.

  • wacko g

    how the fuck can any of you say he is innocent? thats a fucking joke! he shot that motherfucker and then probley smiled…you say the justice system is just trying to lock up a rich black male? hahaha thats bullshit,they are trying to lock up someone thst was stupid enough to light someone up in public,its his own fault,he will be found quilty and he will go back to jail….it has nothing at all to do with being rich nor black,if a white person did what c murder did,then trust me the white guy would be in jail also,what he needs to do is hit a lic and then leave the country,because he is going back,period..hes guilty,quit trying to make it look like hes not,we all know he is..come on now,his fucking name is c murder

  • frostyfreeze

    Dear Unsigned MySpace Rappers,

    No one wants to “get at” your MySpace link or “go listen” to your MySpace demos. Knock it off, it’s embarassing.

    Sincerely yours,

    Everyone Else

  • young_fane

    How is any of yahll really gone sit here and say keep that nigga in jail? And for that ignorent muthafucka that said not killers that kill 16 year olds…. Nigga do u know anything about the streets now a dayz….. A fuckin 17 year killed my 27 year old uncle… these lil niggaz aint playin now a days…. and theres no proof that c did that shit cause if it was he’d me in the pin….. The law aint playin wit rappers….. And the muthafucka that said they read in thexxl mag that C made a song about it….. KEEP YO NOSE IN THEM BOOKS LIL NIGGA! Thats the funniest shit I heard in years…..I see mufuckas just dont have commen sinse! real shit

  • push ya fuckin fade back

    I didnt know they had tha many lames on this site. These square ass geeeks talking bout (hes guilty, lock him up, his name is c murder) These dudes saying this shit everybody should remember because this is a perfect example of what we call snitch made niggs. This is a ruff fuckin life, you niggas dont know shit about living in the hood so you wouldnt understand wha tthe fuck is going on. 16 year old who the fuck cares age dont matter in the streets. real ghetto niggas living in the slums no that. I know a 10 year old that would push ya wig back without hesitation. you nerds need tostop commenting on shit like this and go play ay dance revolution or somthing. C Murder and BG find the niggas that killed Soulja and oodles the noodles they ass

  • Ice Gotti

    Keep ya head up C

  • http://solja.alihotmail.co.uk W.A

    motherfuckaz jus wanna lock another
    black man in jail. fuck the judge his wife and the jury, fuck the snitches too, hope they die slow. if you fuck around wit a thug in a club and get 2
    brave best believe u gettin murderd. c there aint no limits 2 the game. motherfukes like thei dea of the game but cant handle the reality of the game. real thugs feel this shit

  • 504 2 da bone

    4 u niggas who talkin stupid nigga yall couldnt walk on these streets of new orleans nigga would fuck over one of u lil bitch ass niggaz talkin bout keep him locked yall cant be no street niggaz where im from when u 12 you considered a fucking man ya heard me!a fucking youngsta will bust yo fucking head so bitch ass niggaz stop talkin stupid!hold ya head up C from a real new orleans nigga ya heard me