C-Murder will appear in court today (February 26) to once again face murder charges for the 2002 shooting death of 16-year-old Steve Thomas inside of the Platinum Club in Jefferson Parish, La.. Miller was found guilty of the crime in September of 2003, but the conviction was overturned last year after presiding judge Martha Sassone discovered that prosecutors had withheld relevant background information of certain key witnesses. C-Murder was released from prison and placed on house arrest in March of 2006. In a controversial move, Judge Sassone released the No Limit soldier from home incarceration despite objections from prosecutors who argued that he had violated the terms of the program. The judge then reinstated the order of house arrest in August after a state appeals court ruled that she should have offered prosecutors a chance to argue her decision. In related news, C is also preparing for the release of a new album entitled Screamin’ 4 Vengeance, on which he is said to address the circumstances surrounding his arrest and incarceration. In October Judge Sassone denied a request made by C-Murder’s attorney that would have allowed him to grant interviews in support of the album.