Busta Rhymes Arrested For Driving With a Suspended License

Busta Rhymes was arrested and detained on Thursday (February 22) in New York when police stopped the SUV he was driving and found his license to be suspended. According to the New York Daily News, at around 5:20 a.m. cops saw Busta run a red light and pulled him over at the intersection of Warren St. and West Broadway. Prosecutors revealed that the rapper told the arresting officers, “You know me. You know who I am. You don’t mean shit. You hide behind the shield. This is bullshit.” Busta later explained to investigators that he thought the officers were stick-up men disguised as police. While the cops were willing to let Busta go with a desk appearance ticket, Manhattan prosecutors reportedly instructed them to lock him up. The Daily News quoted an unnamed law enforcement source as saying, “The disrespect for the law, when he has cases pending, is over the line.” Busta was just offered a plea deal on Tuesday (February 20) that would allow him to avoid jail time for two prior assault charges. According to Judge Abraham Clott, this latest driving charge will be included in the plea deal should Busta choose to accept it. The rapper was released on his own recognizance shortly before 11:00 p.m. on Thursday.

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  • Duro

    1st all that money and got a Suspended License. Damn shame

  • http://xxlmag.com daddy g

    1st nigga

  • sk

    What the fuck is busta doing sniffing coke? Cause something is up it’s like every other day this dude is getting locked up.

  • EReal

    @ SK

    Naw dude, he’s got the hiphop cops constantly following him around waiting for him to slip up so they can bust him on some dumb shit because he’s not co-operating with that investigation about Yayo bustin caps in his boys n shit. Maybe if he woulda payed his driver instead of beating his ass, he wouldnt hafta have a liscense.

    1 hunned,

  • CREEPA 101


  • My Effin’ Opinion

    I think he’s just trying to out-do DMX … Competitiveness is a bitch!!!

    nah but on the real tho’ EREAL got that shit right on the money. I think it was Spliff Star that almost had to put the smackdown on one of these hip hop cops at a seminar not too long ago for them fuckin’ with Bussa.

  • 11kap

    this nigga is tripping. he already knew the pigs were up his ass. damn, son.

  • da_realting

    chill out busta the boys been on him from the shooting niggas dont learn


    rappers do crimes to sell records

    hip hop is dead

  • http://www.scratchmagazine.com Powder

    Police roaming in the back of the club…acting like we aint got a gat in the club…niggas better have respect…before the Eagle is sparked…thats how we march..

    Busta can rhyme but Busta got the same stupid “I hate cracker” mentality that most of Hip Hop has.

    I understand breaking the law because “a nigga gotta eat” but once you got money and you still breaking the law…you just a dumb ass.

  • J.R.O.

    Rappers need to concentrate more on having drivers, rather than bodyguards, for real.