Controversy Arises Over Common Performance at Duke University

Despite comments he made in reference to the Duke Lacrosse rape case, Chicago rapper Common is still scheduled to perform at the school’s Last Day of Classes concert on April 25. Some controversy has arisen over a freestyle Common performed at Emory University last year shortly after the rape story broke in the media where he denounced the predominantly white lacrosse team members who were accused of raping a Black exotic dancer at a party. According to the Duke Chronicle, a videotape of the performance shows Common rapping, “You know I never get lost, yo, fuck them damn niggas from Duke lacrosse.” Beth Higgins, a Duke student and the chair of the LDOC committee commented, “We obviously do not condone or endorse anything he said at the time, but we did book him and sign a contract that is legally binding on the basis of his talent and student appeal.” Higgins also stated that she is seeking a formal statement from Common’s manager, who assured her that the rappers previous comments will not affect his performance. Sophomore Drew Keaton started a group called “Keep Common out of LDOC” on social networking site that has attracted 129 members as of Monday (February 19). “It’s not like I’m going to not go to LDOC because Common’s coming. I’m not going to make a sign. I’m not going to go protest actively. But that doesn’t mean that I think he was right in what he was saying,” said Keaton. The Duke rape case sparked a racial controversy on the Duke campus and in the surrounding area of Durham, NC. While rape charges have been dropped against the three students indicted for the rape, lesser charges of kidnapping and sexual offense still stand. Michael Nifong, the prosecutor who moved forward with the case, has since recused himself and has been charged with professional misconduct by the North Carolina Bar Association.

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  • Atl’s own

    fuck Duke!

    rappin’ stippers and shit. da hoes gotta eat too.

  • TerrorTwinz 07

    Damn I seen the other day bout this shit.SOme dudes raped a bitch in a bar on a pinball machine….now a whole lacrosse team!The prosecutor of the case was charged with misconduct,wonder what it was?N e wayz common spoke his mind and fuck sum stuppidd ass bitch lookin 4 attention.Stay up common and school these overprivalged kids on sum shit and fuck a couple of their daughters for us bro,One.

  • NiKEHEAD23

    Fuck duke and 85% of all you house niggas stand up to the 5% nation wu.

  • EReal

    @ Terror

    The states attorney was disbarred because he withheld DNA evidence that exonerated the Duke players while at the same time smearing them in the media to try to deny them a fair trial in N.C.

    This story is fucked up man, I cant call it. If the dudes did it, then they deserve to goto jail and get theirs, if u get my meaning. If the bitch was lying, then she deserves to get fucked up too.
    I think what may have happened, is maybe the chick mighta went in the room or somethin with one guy and then some other guys joined in. Just a guess.
    Rape is some serious and sickening shit, and it deserves serious punishment. Calling wolf on some rape shit is also serious as fuck (KOBE) and that shit should be punished just as severely, IMO.

    1 hunned.

  • D-NICe

    Yea Fuck Duke … dont go there common Go Heels

  • jacquez
  • fuckin cracker

    fuck common, and that dirty ass, racist CUNT

  • thecoolguy

    ayo fuckin cracker suck a nigga dick u fist ur asshole to nascar and collect knickknacks

  • texasleen

    fuck duke! and that bitch trying to keep common out i bet they jump back on his dick when the new cd comes out

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  • fuckin cracker

    the cool guy, haha, suck a cracker’s cock. you jerkoff watching that pretty ricky video, you internet homo thug

  • TerrorTwinz 07

    EReal Says:

    February 20th, 2007 at 2:29 pm
    @ Terror

    The states attorney was disbarred because he withheld DNA evidence that exonerated the Duke players while at the same time smearing them in the media to try to deny them a fair trial in N.C.

    Respect on the knowledge homie.

  • zZzzz

    If the lacrosse team did it, they deserve the time, if shes lying then shes no better.

    “school these overprivalged kids”

    As for that, no beef or nothing… you can’t steriotype all students and call them overprivalged. Some are, but lots arn’t. Bustin out 100 grand for school… and just cause you got the money don’t mean your in, you gotta have the marks to get in too. Lots of these people busted there ass going to school trying to get good marks so that they could go to college.

  • THATbitch

    haha all yall sum funny ass dudes,and ya need to fall bak wit the fistin’ and shyt-im thinkin common needs to do wat he wants to,and yehh git sum of them rich bitches to smash:)
    -all yall check out tha space

  • big mike

    Duke sucks, but the other stripper said the bitch is lying. There’s also a atm picture time-dated for the same time she said he was raping her. Hard to be in 2 places at once. She also later said there was no penetration. Get tha facts dummies.

  • D

    fuckin craker – thats exactly what you are – why are you on this site?

  • Cracka

    D, you’s one stupid a$$ bigot. Why you runnin up on whites?

    You’s ain’t gots no rights to only use this site.

    Go get your 40, crack pipe, and continue to blame whites for all your problems.

  • Cracka

    By the way, Common is jumping on the bandwagon. If it was black guys accussed of raping a white chick, all you bigots (not the intelligent african americans) would be yelling their innocence and claiming racism.

    But since it’s Whites against a black chick, no they’re guilty. Can’t you see your own racism?

  • Cracka Wuzup

    I see i must be banned for not dogging out whites.

    Read the comments in any of these forums, blame always come back to whites. Just wait till Hispanics are the majority, good luck claiming racism and slavery then.

  • D

    Cracka – you are a racist coward. You want to be black but you don’t have nuts it takes. You would never say these things to my face. But I would definitely say them to your face. No question. Grow balls and quit pickin fights over the internet like a bitch.

  • D

    One more thing for your education (you’re probaly won’t learn this in your high school or elementary school) In order to be a racist you have to be in a position of power. You have to be able to block someones access to something to be racist. Can’t you see that you’re an idiot? You’re probaly only 12 years old – get your father on here and we can have an adult debate.

  • D

    Also, to all that read the posts – let this be a demonstration for you. Look at what “cracka” wrote about black people. He was probaly sucking a pacifer while he was typin.

  • cracka

    what a well thought out intelligent retort. I would like to discuss this with you further.

    No sir, I don’t want to be black. I have a lot of black educated friends. If I were black that’s who I would model myself after, not a thug or a drug dealer. Heck a good friend of mine is a black MD.

    Bring it on baby. Whites are getting tired of being labeled a racist just for being white. I’m not racist. I think you are though. You see white skin and you’ve already judged them as a racist.

    I’ve got a master’s degree in computer science, what do have?

    All I’m saying is start looking in the mirror before you blame whites for all your problems.

    Peace my brother.

  • D

    The old “I have black friends” stance huh? What do I have? I’m pursuing a law degree, as if that matters. I could be a bum and it wouldn’t make a difference. (you see how important status is in America? – black people were living in a state where they were forbiddened to learn to earn) As I said, I am not in a position to be racist. I have no control over any institutions to block access. Would your “black friends” be pleased with your screen name or your views on crack addiction, alcoholism and crime in the black community? I am sick and tired of whites saying they don’t want to hear about slavery. It’s like you all don’t get it. There is no getting over it. Thats the stupidist shit i’ve ever heard. Fuck how you feel. Black people have been through slavery and then Jim Crow. Raped, killed, tortured, spit on, denied access, beatened, burned etc. And you tell me to get over it? You can get over this foot I’ll put up your ass, if you talk reckless.Fuck what you’re tired of hearing. If it was up to me I’d lock you in a room and show you footage of the tools they used to torture slaves – is scooping a fetus out of a woman with a big ass ice cream scoop something you would forget? How about locking heavy ass weighted bells on a persons neck – so they won’t be able to escape? or how about hanging a woman upside down from a tree and cutting out her fetus as a form of intimidation and torture? What if someone came in your house a took your wife as their own for the evening- and you couldn’t say shit or you’d get killed? Thats my family history.. Whats yours? Is it easy to get that image out of your head? Was your great great grandmother sold? Mine was. Slavery; the real inconvient truth. You mutha fuckas say we should forget it – like you have the right – like your people were enslaved. Read some history and also read a book called Racist America by a Robert Feagin (a white guy) and get your mind right. For your info – I didn’t Blame anyone for shit – with your dumb ass – revealing your racism after the slightest most indirect provocation. I’ll wipe my ass with your degree.

  • fuckin cracker

    very well put D

  • Cracka

    I’m calling BullShit on the law degree. You would have had a better argument and not break into crude and incult cursing.

    You don’t understand obviously. Yes I am tired of being blamed for your problems as a white male. But what you don’t understand is that who are hurting? Who are you hurting when you can’t get over slavery? You’re not hurting me. I make my money, have a good family. And if you try to run up on me, I’ve got backup with me all the time. I’m not saying blacks can’t forget about slavery, because a lot have moved on and made something of themselves. You are hurting yourself and your community when you blame someone else for your problems.

    It all goes to victimology being preached by the black leaders. The only positive black leaders are called oreos and are heckled and chided by the black community.

    The last time I checked time travel wasn’t available. So if you’re going to base your existance on what happened in the past, good for you. Great waste of a life. Besides, who sold slaves to the whites? Other African tribes. Do you blame fellow blacks for slavery, you should. Did you know that in New Orleans there were a number of black slave owners. You don’t know chit about your own “slavery history”.

    So as I stated early, make your life miserable, by being an uneducated, unrefined person and blame me. Because I’m going to be laughing.

    I make 6 figures a year, so you go ahead and mock my degree. hee hee, I’m the one laughing all the way to the bank.

    I will never be a racist even though you claim so, I want blacks to move on and make something of themselves. I want them to believe they have every opportunity to succeed so they’ll try. Not just sit back and blame the man. I could never be racist because I know there are blacks fighting for me in Iraq and have fought for me in the past.

    I say it again, peace my brother.

  • D

    I got your peace bitch. No one is living is the past. And I know my about my history than your punk ass. You’re a coward that hides behind a screen name. I’ll rob your ass all the way to the bank. I’ll give you my address and phone # for us to talk in person. Fuck your back up. I stand alone like a man. Victimology is a made up term, that you and yours came up with. You sit around go to hip hop websites harrassing teenagers like a bitch. You have NO BALLS!! You would never pose any of these arguments to any black mans face. And bitch I could be the fucking president of the united states and still curse all day- what the fuck kind of logic is that? you don’t know what I’m pursuing and you can’t make any claims based off of your assumptions. I bet you thought you were educating someone with your facts – mutha fucka I’ve learned those facts ten times over and know way more about my history than you can produce through your google searches. Matter of fact, I hope you do voice your opinion to a black person so that you can get your ass whupped. Fuck you and your self-righteous, fake pussy ass. Is that enough cussing for you.

  • D

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  • D

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  • D

    Fuckin Cocksucker is your new screen name.

  • D

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