Will Smith Receives 2nd Oscar Nod for Pursuit of Happyness

Will Smith picked up a Best Actor nomination for his role in the film The Pursuit of Happyness when the list of nominees was announced for this years Academy Awards on Tuesday (January 23). Based on true events, Pursuit tells the story of Chris Gardner, a struggling single father and salesman who defies the odds to pursue a career as a stockbroker. Together with his son, played by Smith’s real son Jaden, Gardner endures homelessness, eviction, and tax seizure before eventually achieving his dream. This latest nod from the Academy marks Smith’s second Best Actor nomination, the first coming in 2001 for his portrayal of boxing legend Muhammad Ali in the film Ali.

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  • http://xxl.com fresh2def

    sick man, keep doing wat ur doing will smith

  • EReal

    He was good in that movie, yo.
    Will man, you already caked up. Another Oscar nod, you doin it real big man…
    So do us a favor and leave the Rap Game alone ok?
    No more gettin jiggy homeboy.(No Byron Crawford)

    1 hunned.

  • nono

    good flick

  • jacquez
  • dneroda1

    they kinda jerked him last time..he shoulda got it 4 ali(but since denzel got jerked 4 Malcom X and Hurricane they gave it to him) but this one def should go to him no contest

  • NastyNasirr

    Great look for Will. Look at how he left all these moronic thugged out broke rappers in the dust.

  • S on my chest

    Yo rap careers dodgy as fuck but those films are killah! Keep doin that shit son!

  • realtalk

    Uh, honestly that movie was a 2 hour long downward spiral. His acting deserves recognition, but just so anyone reading this doesn’t get to excited about seeing it.

  • Spickster

    Nice job Will i loved that movie, you deserve it dog.