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  • fresh2def

    sick video

  • Beat KnoxX A.K.A Twilight

    tight song
    shitty video
    still dont like game

  • virginkilla


  • Soulja


  • Mrs.Jonez’s


  • Tbone

    Why is this nigga Game hating on the Ladies for. He should check his shit first next time – Miss Ford drives a Benz. I guess he tried to get some and got blasted on. Now he’s mad cause the Game didn’t have enough GAME.

  • NSW

    I like the song why u so quick 2 take for some of them bitches cause they might write a book telling everybody bout ya tampons sized dick. I just wish he wouldnt have used names that was uncalled for but the song is hot. Ant to be honest these girls shouldn’t be too mad, it should be expected what the hell did they think would happen they would be treated like queens um no.

  • WTFF?

    Is anyone else disgusted by Kanye’s use of this song, when Alchemist used it years ago. Is he jackin for beats now?

  • mills1540

    games just telling it like it is

  • Tbone

    First to be quit honest I dont like Game anyway. The way he handled the whole 50/GUnit beef was more bitch like than the tough hardcore gangsta that he cliams to be. But like NSW said, he should’ve called out certain people. I’ve had to chance to actually have a conversation with Vida Guerra in person and the chick is cool as hell. If he wanted to blast on some video “hoes” and name names he should’ve named the book writing hoe. Not all the girls are hoes some of them are out there getting their hustle on just like the rest of us, but then there are some using thier ass, mouth and whatever else to get a pass. Like JayZ might would say – I love my video honeys but I dont love no video hoe.

  • T.Wood…..Central Grove Representa

    Im diggin the video..that boy Ye stay fresh…I mean damn….coulda did more to the beat tho..

  • SM

    I love Game. He is real and it is about time people are real about these hoes. Any woman who is going to lay in a Gstring in a mag or freak in a video just to get a head need to be called out.


    It’s a rip of the instrumental to Jadakiss’ “By Your Side”. Hating on young girls trying to make some $$$. Kanye and Game are groupie bitches just like the girls they’re rapping about,(or at least trying to rap). Game on Dre’s shirt tails, Kanye on Jay’s shirt tails. Either one would have giving head to be where they are. Maybe before punk b*thces like Game, and Fake sociopathic egoed mamas boys like Kanye hate on young woman who dont have much they should look in the mirror cuz I see more of a groupie sold out bitch in Game and Kanye than I do in any of the girls in the video.


    Ya’ll niggas stupid as shit. U think Melissa Ford and the rest of them hoes give a fuck if they use there name. Them bitches got paid that’s why they in the video. It’s all an act for everyone to make money. Game and Kanye did them a favor. They all got broke off fat. Dumb ass young niggas narrowminded as fuck.

  • J DOT

    its not a rip of jadakiss by your side…its the same fuckin song that was sampled just a different part of the song….creative source – id find you anywhere….thats teh song, get ya shit straight son


    Hoes will be hoes, period. I don’t necessarily think they were intentionally hating on the girls. The instrumental and vocals were definitely a little weak though.


    Then again, if either one of them were “self-made” without Dr. Dre’s & Jay-Z’s shirt tails they could talk, but they’re not.