The Game has again denied that he impersonated a New York City police officer last year while he was in the Big Apple promoting his album The Doctor’s Advocate. The West Coast rapper was arrested on Nov. 16, 2006, when police stopped the cab he was traveling in after it ran several red lights. The driver told police that his passenger had flashed a badge and identified himself as an undercover cop, instructing the man to commit the traffic infractions. According to the New York Post, attorney Jeffery Lichtman said his client would never do such a thing and he is prepared to go to trial to fight the charges. “He sees them all the time, and he’s very polite to them,” said Lichtman, referring to the NYPD unit known as the “Hip-Hop Cops,” who have allegedly been tasked with tailing high-profile rap stars. “He and his guys give them cigars all the time. When they’re in the same restaurant together, they send over food."