The Game Denies Impersonating an Officer, Wants Trial

The Game has again denied that he impersonated a New York City police officer last year while he was in the Big Apple promoting his album The Doctor’s Advocate. The West Coast rapper was arrested on Nov. 16, 2006, when police stopped the cab he was traveling in after it ran several red lights. The driver told police that his passenger had flashed a badge and identified himself as an undercover cop, instructing the man to commit the traffic infractions. According to the New York Post, attorney Jeffery Lichtman said his client would never do such a thing and he is prepared to go to trial to fight the charges. “He sees them all the time, and he’s very polite to them,” said Lichtman, referring to the NYPD unit known as the “Hip-Hop Cops,” who have allegedly been tasked with tailing high-profile rap stars. “He and his guys give them cigars all the time. When they’re in the same restaurant together, they send over food.”

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  • che

    “He and his guys give them cigars all the time. When they’re in the same restaurant together, they send over food.”


  • willz

    1st bitches ,who gives a fuck anyway

  • jacquez
  • ,,,therealarty…

    First is wat it is..

  • rizzop2003

    Fuck it kill them with kindness……


    that’s right GAME dont let them break you off. take it all the way.
    from one who never paid a ticket in my life, got more time then money.
    from west side wilmas killa cali L.A.

  • NJG

    fuck hip-hop cops

  • Dade

    GAME OVER?….hope is a false statement because is either GAME OVER for GAME or GAME OVER for NYPD. I like game and he is one of the best out there right now….takeaway the name-dropping, the 64 impala, the 40′s, bitches, chronic…he is a dope rapper..

  • Delberta

    I like game, some much i’m like all over his dick.

  • UH?

    Has anybody seen that Change Of Heart episode w/ The Game in it…… Ya he is a thug.. out right gangsta … not… that was 2001 or 02 he had no tats on his face neck lower arms…. couple years later he is tated from head to toe.. repn this that makes no sense.. Image!! I love his music got respect for him but I dont get how hegoes from ordinary black dude to lookin like a pistol poppin thug…………???????????… just dont get it…

  • Jersey Boy


  • Jersey Boy


  • Jor

    So is Game on minute 15 or what? Cause its not like he’s hot. I’m shocked he didn’t say anything about 50 or G-Unit to keep his “fire” going. Maybe its just me but I been seenin’ through this clown since he started ridin’ wit Dre.

  • Shade45

    Rainbow tatto on his ass next,BET!

  • iLLp

    u know fuck the gayme pussy ass stripper wannabe blood fuck that fagette !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EReal

    He probably told dude to run the red lights cause he thought 50 was gonna shoot him or another one of his boys, lol..
    Cop lovin faggot, sendin em gifts and shit, like thats gonna make a fuckin difference whether they arrest you or not. Dumbass.

  • DJ hot snow


  • Phonserelli

    Yeah I gotta agree with Ereal on that one. WTF he doing sending cops gifts and shyt. 12 don’t give a flying phuck if you gave them some cigars when they finna arrest yo ass. Game mayne step yo game up fareal.

  • Money CarlO
  • S on my chest

    What a dick

  • Hurricane Game

    The sending of food is a joke the Game always does to 50′s cops. On the stop snitchin stop lyin DVD (in stores now)LOL, They send them donuts and coffee to annoy them which is exactly what he’s doing here

  • Spickster

    How the fuck would you get put in a position like that anyway. Must of been hangin with DMX too much. haha just fuckin around.