The Clipse to Tour in Support of New Orleans Rebuilding Initiative

Virginia rap duo The Clipse are scheduled to headline the Seagram’s Live 2007 tour, which kicks off on April 7, in Memphis, TN. The tour, which will last one month and hit 11 cities, will raise money for the ongoing effort to rebuild the city of New Orleans, which was devastated by 2005′s Hurricane Katrina. One highlight of the tour will be the Seagram’s Live Diamonds and Ice Contest, which will award one lucky winner an all-expense paid trip to the performance of their choice as well as a custom piece of jewelry worth $25,000. Now in its eighth year, the Seagram’s Live concert series will touch down at nightclubs and other venues in New Orleans, Atlanta, Birmingham, Jackson, Detroit, Washington DC, New York, Fort Bragg and Tampa. Malice and Pusha T will also perform a special Live Preview show at New York’s Webster Hall on January 24.

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  • EReal

    Im there. I wanna see Clipse take the house down bwoi.
    Seems like they’d wanna raise money for themselves since they album isnt sellin to well. Oh well tho, anything to help out the N.O. is good wit me.

    FUCK 1st SAYERS.

  • noz

    would it make too much sense to just put the $25,000 to rebuilding n.o.?

  • Flip

    gauranteed that 25k chain never gets made

  • EReal

    “would it make too much sense to just put the $25,000 to rebuilding n.o.?”

    Obviously. Would it make too much sense to give the billions of dollars worth of funding to the people of N.O.? The only people I see helpin out is habitat mang.

    1 hunned.

  • jacquez
  • Mista23

    That Websters performance is gonna be bananas, Skyzoo and Kids In The Hall are gonna be performing too! To bad I ain’t 21 yet or I’d see it for sure. If you don’t know about Sky u sleepin so make sure u check out:

  • Hurricane Game

    What would also help N.O is if Bush stopped spending trillions of Dollars on Iraq and sends it to his own people. Fuck Bush.
    Big ups to The Clipse for supporting the needing.

  • LeS

    Now only if Wayne and Birdman would step up and do something for their city also they could probably get the rebuilding process done a bit faster. Quit talking about stuntin and do something for your hometown that you hollah in ya rhymes.

  • Jersey Boy

    Its a Shame at least Master P did soething in New Orleans …Baby and Wanye kissing faggots did nothing !!

    Big ups to the Clipse for at least trying to make a a positive change …Im see yall boys perform when yall down south in a couple of months


    Amen to the 25th power on that, Game! And les also. Birdman cares more about having the many rides & rims.

  • OG Frank

    They’re Great. They’re album was da shit and this tour idea is excellent. I just wish they would come to Naples Italy!!!

  • general_jeff_hood

    now thats love them niggas support like that that what black folk need to do …yeah bush to busy funding terrorist and shit like oh boy said ..peep game my nigga we over here training these mutherfuckers how to go to war with us in a two years or so….think about it it happen before and it’ll happen again politics 101 ….i haven heard of them nigga (the birdmen) donating shit…someone let me know please they donate to this cause …all you do is give a shout out over a fucking mixtape …even master p put out a cd for trying to raise money ….birdman and jr couldnt do that and donate it to katrina think about it

  • Belize

    Lol @ NoZ..actually I shouldn’t even be laughing at that…