sticky.jpgFormer Onyx front man Sticky Fingaz will appear on the hit NBC show Law & Order: Criminal Intent on February 13. The episode revolves around a rapper, played by Fab 5 Freddy, who is gunned down as he is leaving a radio station after debuting his new song and sitting for an interview. Major Case Squad Detectives Logan and Wheeler question Sticky's character who is the sole witness to the crime. Sticky's character reveals that he is actually an undercover cop working on a task force that specializes in crimes within the hip-hop world. Detectives on the show become suspicious of the undercover cop when witnesses begin to turn up dead. The show's plot seems to be loosely based on occurrences at New York's Hot 97 radio station in recent years, and the rumors of an NYPD task force dubbed the "hip-hop police" who have been accused of racially profiling high profile rap artists.