Snoop Hit with $250,000 Lawsuit Over Reality Series

snoop1.jpgNatural Resources Media and Technology Group, based in New York, has hit Snoop Dogg with a $250,000 breach-of-contract lawsuit over the rights to a proposed reality series based on the rapper’s Snoop Youth Football League. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Natural Resources claims that the Youth Football League Foundation entered into an agreement with the firm to produce a reality series chronicling Snoop and his team’s activities leading up to the planned “Snooperbowl” chamionship game, which was a breach of a pre-existing contract with 20th Century Fox to develop and distribute Coach Snoop a feature film in the same vein. When Fox learned of the plans, their Sr. VP of legal affairs Michael Ross sent a notice to Natural Resources and other parties involved in the show’s development, informing them of Fox’s “exclusive rights to portray Snoop in any motion picture or television project or other production based on Snoop’s involvement with his sons’ football teams and leagues.” In Natural Resource’s lawsuit, filed against Snoop last week in New York Supreme Court, the company claims that they immediately halted production on the reality series and requested that the Snoop Youth Football Foundation rectify the breach. According to Natural Resources attorney Bradley Rosen, the Foundation did not respond to the request. The company is now seeking $250,000 in damages and attorney’s fees from Snoop and the Youth Football Foundation.

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  • jacquez
  • lady


  • lady


  • 1 Mic

    Snoop is an O.G.
    Forget em haterz

  • CREEPA 101



    that shit is whack, they tryin to steal money from the children!

  • Atlgirl

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  • bigK

    jacquez every single post- you push ur website_nobody cares!! quit waistin ur time fam

  • Pece

    bullshit, he doing something good for some kids and they wanting 250,000 because people wanna make shows on what he is doing for them

  • TerrorTwinz 06

    Absolutely rediculous!Fukkin non sense!Its kid football whos gonna watch that? What r we gonna see snoop bunnin a spliff,and yellin at kids?Whack!

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    Snooperbowl? you didnt get your huge payoff from snooper bowl woo hoo thats 1 mill from your multi billion dollar company

    fucking faggots

  • Dade County 305

    its some bs… snoop is doing the right thing with his football team… no! the man not smoking in front of his kids. snoop brought his youth down here(miami,fla) last year to pay with luke,trick daddy,nelly & puffy teams. stop haitin on these young brothas. matter of fact,its going down in miami again next month. oh yeah, pacman jones had his team down here from the A last yr. snoop & the rest of u brothas keep up the good work with our youth… also keep makin that good hiphop muzik.


    SNOOP is doing something that is positive for the kids, why ruin that? I’ll tell you why. It’s to bring him down he’s doing a good thing fo’ the kids an “they” have have to keep us down. “They” been doin’ it fo years, i.e. mlk, X, Jesse jackson, Rev. Al sharpton and hell even luda. Theres no escape from it, so long as the powers that be, “they”, want to keep our name in the mudd “they” will. peace stay TUNED2IT

  • Galil ( Never forget 2pac 1971-1996)

    Yeah can’t believe all this bullshit lawsuit. Snoop Dogg is doin a good thing 2 4 children & really fuck them who are haterz about that.
    2 everybody go get The Game’s album Doctor’s Advocate if y’all don’t have it cause it’s the hottest album of 06.
    The Black Wallstreet/Geffen 4 life

  • jojochicago

    Money money Money!!! Me first, Mr Me Too azz Niccuz!

  • that boy dizz

    250 stacks is nuttin to a boss

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  • hi-flitones

    who would watch this show anyway? I can’t believe two separate networks want it…

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  • Big D

    Just tryin’ to bring another Black man down. But i know it ain’t gonna hurt the Big Boss though cause he got Money In The Bank lol.

  • Suge Knight

    Fuck the kid’s,im motherfuckin suge knight a.k.a sugar bear and he a snitch ass nigga.

  • Now You Know

    WOW. You all have it wrong. This is Snoops’s Management trying to stop his non-profit from making money. From what i see Natural Resources was tring to help the kids by bringing in money to the league. They had secured a 1million dollar deal, whereby the league would have gotten at least 300k. But his management would not have made money because they did not do the deal. Then Fox sent a letter to TV1 “a black Network” because they did not want the show to air. Now you tell me who is trying to hurt the kids? Fox and the Firm or Snoop and Natural resources. Snoop and Natural Resources are providing money to the league, fox and the Firm want to make money from the league. Fox has not cut 1 check to the league so why are they claiming rights to a non-profit? Is that legal?