Rocawear Severs Ties With Model Accused of Racism

rocawearlogo.jpgJay-Z’s Rocawear clothing label has reportedly ended its relationship with British model Danielle Lloyd after she made racially insensitive comments on the reality show Big Brother. According to, the former Miss Great Britain and two of her fellow house mates on the British version of the show have been accused of mistreating Indian actress Shilpa Shetty. Lloyd’s fellow contestant Jade Goody reportedly told Shetty to “go back to the slums,” and Lloyd has been quoted as saying, “She’s a dog. She wants to be White.” The situation has caused an uproar in the UK, with viewer complaints flooding in to the Channel 4 network that airs the show. Lloyd had only recently been contracted to be the face of Rocawear UK and her endorsement deal is said to have been worth about $196,000. Lloyd was stripped of her title as Ms. Great Britain after it was discovered that she had a romantic relationship with of the judges.

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  • Bol

    Way to fight the power, Jay-Z.

  • missile 6

    what bol don’t have a wack ass comment to make about jay-z wow. good job firing the hater

  • OG Frank

    Fuck racists bitch-asses

  • jojochicago

    yeah these white folks show there true colors in their comfort zone. don’t be shocked just be aware! yall fools to believe its anything else. now get some dam sisters to promote ya shyt!

  • marlon

    I hope this starts a trend. Isiah Washington should get black listed too.

  • missK

    Good that bitch is gone- just lettin y’all know I’m white and I would have smacked that bitch had I been there. Fuck her and her shit- thank God we ain’t all like that.

  • let the game begin

    fuck white racist yah i said it.

  • general_jeff_hood

    hahah you skinny bitch …lost that doe …

  • J.R.O.

    They were probably like, “You won’t get away with this, cracker!”

    Serves a racist right.

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  • Ben

    jojochicago Says:
    January 26th, 2007 at 1:00 pm
    yeah these white folks show there true colors in their comfort zone.

    Did you even see the show? they wasnt racist comments from Danielle its media and BIG BROTHER executives hyping it up to get listings…. And you sheep buy this shit.

    You saying “these white folks” is more racist than any comment said on big brother, cause your claiming all white people are racist….

    So use your brain. And stop judging if you dont want to be judged.

  • Green Eyes

    That’s great people need too learn too be nice too people! Now she can have time too reflect on things, see not using your brain, cost u money!!!

  • Lastgreat1

    Damn………, I wonder I she remebered that the camera’s were on

  • Carolina King

    I wonder if this will make the news here in the states as a positive for Hip Hop

  • wu 4eva

    u cnt say all white ppl r racist based on 3 ignorant dikhedz. most white ppl on there hav treated shilpa the same as they wud any1 els. evry white person ive spoke 2 sed it woz racist.

  • jon jon–23

    I’m glad a lot of white people are voicing there racist opinions. A closet racist is more dangerous to negros than an open one (and we all know how gullible black people are).

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  • Josh

    I agree with Ben…everyone over in the states wont ghave seen the show…she’s not been racist at all….they had a disagreement but the media accuse her of being racist…its all for better ratings….after the whole racism thing had been on the front page of every newspaper in britain the viewers of the show went up and extra 1 million!

    Don’t judgesomeone on what one person says, and don’t believe the media!

  • wayneb


    I’m actually from the UK. Seen the show. This bitch is racist. The article also did not meniton that she said ‘she should fuck off home’. She was also moaning about how Shilpa, the Indian woman cooked food. This bitch was just jealous becuase the Indian woman was more hotter and classy.

  • DJ Fatal 1

    That was a good move, done with good timing.



  • Whiteman

    This is more of this white people are the devil shit fuck you all!!! Ok they called this bitch but have you ever smelled and Indian person??? If you answered yes then you know exactly what this chick and me are talking about.

  • fuckin cracker

    stupid niggers, if you want to know what real racism is, ask your mammies, and pappies. oh i forgot, your pappies in prison. my bad

  • Don V

    You got it right with your name, idiot.

    Perfect choice.

  • jacquez
  • eversmellawetcracka?

    a cracka smell like a dog, after getting wet, so it can’t be too much better…

  • GET A GRIP!!

    I think everyone needs to put this in perspective and stop just getting racial jibes at each other…..not showing anything other than it’s not only Jade Jo and Danielle.


    “FUCKIN CRACKER”…..ur lucky ur race still exist n aint extinct….people be wanting to kill ya