Queen Latifah, Russell Simmons and Bruce Willis Contribute to The Hip-Hop Project

queenlatifah1.jpgMusician and actress Queen Latifah and Bruce Willis have signed on to executive produce The Hip Hop Project, a film about a young man who inspires a group of New York City teens to use hip-hop as a medium to tell their inspiring life stories. The Hip Hop Project follows Kazi, a once homeless teenager, as he and two of his students, Princess and Cannon, work to create a collaborative album over a four-year period. Russell Simmons, a long-time supporter of the project, partnered with actor Bruce Willis to donate a recording studio for use in the program. Production company THINKFilm recently acquired the worldwide rights to the project and plans to release the film in exclusive engagements in Spring 2007.

  • OG Frank

    Good idea,nice project

  • http://yahoo.com Monte

    Man FUck Bruce Willis…

  • J.R.O.

    Bruce Willis… Hip Hop… SMH

  • Jeevan Brown

    Aye im apart of that street team for GOOD Music and Hustle Records

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  • yououfdsfka

    Fuck Bruce Willis? why because he is doing something positive for the urban youth?! yah fuck him what a dick, maybe he should be throwning around the N-word and start shooting mother fuckers. Dont hate what you dont understand, and use your fucking brain!!

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