Q-Tip Prepares to Release New Solo LP, Unreleased Jazz Project

q-tip.jpgFresh off of a fall 2006 reunion tour with his group A Tribe Called Quest, Q-Tip is preparing to release his second official solo album in seven years, The Renaissance. The Queens MC recently spoke to billboard.com about the project, which he plans to release sometime this spring on Universal Motown. Although Tip noted that the recent Tribe tour felt “good” and received a “great response,” the rapper expressed doubt that the group would be hitting the road again anytime soon. “I don’t want to say never, but at this point, I think we’re done for now,” Tip explained.

In related news, the former Tribe front man has also acquired the rights to his unreleased 2001 solo album Kamaal the Abstract. The LP, which features a heavy jazz influence, was shelved by Arista in 2002. Tip plans to officially release the project with newly recorded tracks, as well as the original artwork and liner notes.

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    The Might Abstract

  • the legend

    Can`t wait for a Q-tip comeback. His album will be better than anything the south has to offer lyrically… I`m still listening to Midnight marauders and low end theory to remember how great hip hop can be…

    There`s only one tip, Q-TIP of ATCQ..


    Can he kick it? Yes he can!

  • jacquez

    A Tribe Called Quest. I miss that fun style, good vibe, rap music. MC’s that have a bigger mind frame than cocaine and violence.

  • the legend

    Im so happy to see Q-Tip make a comeback… Personally,I think Gangstarr and ATCQ are the 2 best groups of all time.Midnight marauders is also in my top 5 albums of all time with Illmatic,Moment of truth,ready to die and the infamous.

    Peace out

  • Jersey Boy

    Q – Tip is nice I hope he brings that hip hop feel and doenst plat into the dope and mr. me too era…….

  • johnny rebel

    the greatest.

  • Patkilpat

    I can’t wait to offically own Kamaal the Abstact. Did he change the name of “Open” to the “The Renaissance”?