Despite an indication by Federal Bureau of Prisons records that he had been released, the Associated Press reports Mystikal is still incarcerated and continues to serve out his six year sentence for sexual assault. Although records indicated that he was released from the maximum-security Elayn Hunt facility near Baton Rouge on January 11, they did not note that he had in fact been moved to the David Wade Correctional Center near Homer, Louisiana. Mystikal was sentenced to an additional year in prison last January after he plead guilty to tax evasion charges. That sentence ran concurrently with the one he was already serving and ended on January 11. The Tarantula was denied parole at a hearing in January of 2006, which would normally leave an inmate ineligible for another hearing for two years. Nonetheless, Mystikal’s attorney, Roy H. Maughan Jr., believes he can get him a new hearing next month. If the rapper is not granted parole, his sentence will come to an end on January 14, 2010.