Kanye West Confirms Television Project, Says It’s Not a Reality Show

Kanye West recently confirmed a report, originally published in the Hollywood Reporter, that said he was developing a television program with HBO. Contrary to the original report, West stated that the project will not be a reality show. “I wouldn’t do something as cliché as a reality show. At least give me the credit for being more creative than that,” West said in a recent Def Jam press release. He went on to say that the show will be more in the vein of a sitcom and that he has been developing the idea with executive producers Rick Rubin and Larry Charles. “It’s fictional and loosely based on my life,” said the Grammy-winning rapper and producer. “Maybe this will give me the opportunity to spaz out at the Emmys one day.”

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  • Three4

    Good thing that he´s not doing a reality show…looking forward 2 hear Graduation…



  • ksa

    fugazi curb your enthusiasm


    Kanye is nuttn’ but a let down . !st album a classic. was so fresh at a time we needed it. 2cnd album sounded rushed and wasn’t half as good as Mr. West thinks. Go back to lab — stay of the screen cause most tha time He’s judt embarrasing himself

  • http://www.cash-money.com Geezy

    ehhhhh it was all my idea really

  • jerkoff

    HBO not MTV

  • Jersey Boy

    mOVING ………ON …NEXT

  • fuck a n9ne to 5ive

    kanes aite

  • Yung V

    Wow, that sounds like it could be hot. But it could also suck majorly.
    Good luck, Ye

  • real city, canada

    2nd album was nice but disposable after 2 months (the problem with nowadays hip-hop… to me) & u right: — stay of the screen cause most tha time He’s judt embarrasing himself

  • DaddyB

    he’s gonna hae a lotta creative room being on HBO

  • Ill Will

    It wont be wack, but kanye on film is usually pretty bad

  • Patkilpat

    Sounds like Curb Your Enthusiasm, if it is It’ll probably be a good show. “Curb” is a dope show.

  • Forever222

    Late Registration is incredible. More cohesive than College Dropout. Bittersweet sounds like a dope song and should be on Graduation.

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    add it to your profiles.


  • 1_crookedleta

    Who cares?????

  • 1_crookedleta

    Now who really cares???

  • creepa101

    Yeah , who does fucken care????!!!

  • Belize

    >“Maybe this will give me the opportunity to spaz out at the Emmys one day.”

    ^Kanye got jokes…and jokes…and jokes…and jokes…and jokes…and jokes…and jokes…and jokes…and jokes


    Not another one come on if u gonna be on tv educate us not just come with another reality but not really sitcom. We have those already, show us what we can do to better the hip hop community. I’ll be TUNED2IT

  • tanye.


  • tanye.

    i L0VE ittt. him .
    wen does it start ?!

  • Derek

    The College Dropout was the most cliche album title/marketing strategy in the history of a successful musician. Most of all it was’nt even his/your f*ckin idea. You only won grammys and touched creative topics because of me.


    Words of golden advice, come up with a new title for your new album if you want to show people your creative and not dragging out the same topic.