Kanye Teams With Chris Martin for New Album

Kanye West has announced that Coldplay’s Chris Martin will be appearing on the Chicago MC’s third solo LP, Graduation, which is due out on Def Jam Records later this year. The Chicago MC recently told billboard.com that Martin is slated to appear on the song “Homecoming,” which will likely be the album’s first single. In 2005, Martin contributed to the song “Beach Chair” on Jay-Z’s comeback LP Kingdom Come. The Coldplay front man and his girlfriend, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, also joined Jay onstage for a historic performance at London’s Royal Albert Hall. It was also revealed that musician Jon Brion, who contributed his talents to West’s Late Registration album, will be returning on Graduation.

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  • http://www.ufukinwish.org gunit uk

    2nd but kayne sucks

  • rap

    Chris Martin can produce some beats! Beach Chair was the hottest on jay album.

  • yung ceasa

    gunit uk Says:

    January 19th, 2007 at 3:37 pm
    2nd but kayne sucks

    kanye sucks? first off look who cosignin…GUNIT their dead in tha water. ok kanye last two albums were nominated 4 album of tha year, and both won rap album of tha year. when’s tha last tyme 50 won a grammy 4 anything. quit dick ridin, u brit bitch

  • Money Carlo
  • http://87northmusic.com The Biz

    so what? bout time artists be artist with other artists….Just get the job done. We don’t care to hear about it until it drops.


  • Kid anonymous

    Now thats what i call real music….

    can’t hate on that

  • http://myspace.com/bunchbitch Bowser da Boss

    I will judge it when I hear it. Kanye doesnt disappoint with the albums. 2 for 2 so far.

  • max b

    yo kanye man, holla at jimmy and cam for me man. i tried to ring him but he wudnt lsten 2 me b! niggas is tryna fuck me in here man, they tryna rape me man. i need dat bail money b. im crying n shit, i cant even type b! one

  • D-O

    Im pretty sure Kingdom Come came out in 2006, not 2005

  • TheycallmeBe

    jon brion fucked up late registration..

  • http://myspace.com/gunitsoldier50xl Ether

    Why The Fuck Is A Dude From Coldplay Producing Hip Hop Tracks, Have Y’all Ever Heard Coldplay? Gayest Shit I’ve Ever Heard, Word Up.

  • OG Frank

    Hope a song like “beach chair” comes out…shit was hot.

    P.S. Coldplay ain’t gay,
    G-Unit ain’t over.

  • jacquez
  • Real Hip-Hop Fan

    Can’t wait for his new album, it’s gonna be nice

  • Three4

    Is Chris Martin on the ROC or something…?…I thought that “Beach Chair” was really good but a lot of people said that they didn´t like it just ´cause it was Chris Martin. I think that Kanye can make a good collabo with him but it sure won´t be 4 the Jeezy fans…

  • Brux

    Coldplay the gayest shit ever heard? you obviously dont appreciate pure talent, try widening your range of music furthert han hip hop ya prick

  • uvf_4_life

    yung ceasa Says:
    January 19th, 2007 at 4:05 pm

    gunit uk Says:

    January 19th, 2007 at 3:37 pm
    2nd but kayne sucks

    kanye sucks? first off look who cosignin…GUNIT their dead in tha water. ok kanye last two albums were nominated 4 album of tha year, and both won rap album of tha year. when’s tha last tyme 50 won a grammy 4 anything. quit dick ridin, u brit bitch


    u think 50 wants a grammy??????lol i think he would rather make another $50 mil wouldnt u?when was the last time kanye made that.feel good music jus got dropped they ova!

  • fuckapoppadock

    ufv_4_life….what the fuck r u talking about??? 50 aint makin shit when it comes to music. g-unit is done, 50 will be done soon enough. that nigga kanye is the truth. how can u hate on em. g-unit fan or not kanye albums was fire and if mothafuckas dis agree then niggas don’t know music!

  • fckdadips

    ether sucks dick

  • john cochran

    Kanye is cool, but the whole soul sampling thing is getting old. Do an original beat once and a while. I dug collge dropout but I didnt really like late registration that much. His music is beginning to be too polished. Hip hop has to sound at least a little rough around the edges. He makin shit sound like the harlem boys choir.

  • blackmanrising

    Ye’s a visionary. 50′s a realist. Both make good music. %0 has been more incosistent even though Ye ain’t had all the hits his shit is more substatial. Got more teeth to it. You can only shoot a muthafucka til he dead. Then he dead. What you do next. Fuck his bitch? Jack his whip? Hip Hop has to grow. I like both their music but come on man. I’m guessing none of you cat’s got any dead homies. I gots a plenty. Stop the bullshit. Violence is sometimes neccesarry but not always needed. Grow the fuck up. RIP Yung Mook, RIP Joony, RIP Steve, RIP Man Man, RIP 2nd St Dave, RIP Sarah G.

  • PoppaHot1

    I don’t know how niggas can hate on ‘Ye…

  • general_jeff_hood

    yung ceasa & john cochran make no sense at all man kanye is one of the few who can switch fucking topics on an album beside killing drug dealin and of course bitches …he might have it now and then but roses and other songs show that he is a true fucking artist …50 you put him in west cat..you gotta be sniffing angle dust and shit…that nigga need beef for everything i wonder who it will be for him this time the black eye peas or somebody get the fuck out of here with that shit…and west soul sample cause you mutherfuckers need soul you need to feel some shit besides some finger snapping shit i can make in my basement at home …and hip hop dont have to sound rough around the edges you think sugar hill gang was rough around the edges go take a nap…and when he sample the people he sample thinks its respect ….cause artist like him and common, mos have soul…take a fucking nap …and when you wake got to time out

  • Compton_Chick23


    “Beach Chair” sucked.

  • Jersey Boy

    Yo Kanye is getting real washed up duke …….And the nigga been suspect since that #1 joint feat. Pharrell ….Like Skills said on “The Wrap up ‘ 06 ……..Button up that shrit Kanye ……..loooking real suspect Son !!!!!!!!

  • john cochran

    General, the same way you say you can make a snap beat in ya basement anyone can take an old record and put some bass under it. I’m not taking anything from Ye, but he didnt invent nothing new and niggas actin like he invented the wheel. plus, lyrically he garbage, the subject matter is there but not the lyrics. Get over it.

  • john cochran

    I bet anyone on here that Kan wont have not 1 original beat on this next joint, not to say that it wont be hot but damn. Make a hit that wasn’t already a hit Mr. tight pants.

  • jojochicago

    So Phuckin What!!! all i know is it better be hot!!!

    Big Ups to the coldest producer in the Chi Young Blaze!

  • ny till da end


  • general_jeff_hood

    lyrically he garbage ? i guess maybe he should talk more about bitches and killing and shit like i said then he wouldnt be garbage get the fuck out of here

  • Dipset

    fckdadips Says:

    January 20th, 2007 at 2:05 pm

    ^^^ you know your poppin when somebody uses there screen name to express how much they dislike you lol

  • ATL Southside

    kanye is one of the best artist out now, he’s different.

  • flbRVySHvF