heller-vasquez.jpgJerry Heller, the controversial former manager of N.W.A and the co-founder of Ruthless Records, will make his return to the music industry this year with the launch of a new record label. Heller recently announced his plan to partner with veteran record producer Johnny J and Streetlife Records head Pablito Vasquez in a three-way joint venture. “Our goal is to bring back economic integrity to the music business,” says Heller. “The record industry was supposed to be a win-win situation between the artists and the labels. The way the business is structured now, however, many artists on major labels have to sell close to a million and a half units to recoup and break even. That is not what our label will be about.”

Johnny J, the owner of Klock Work Entertainment, brings over 19 years of experience to the table and is probably best known for his work with 2Pac on the albums All Eyez on Me and Me Against the World. Vasquez, who will oversee the creative and business aspects of the label with Heller, says, “This label will not be tied down to or limited to certain musical genres. This is going to be way past the hoods. It is going to be about the streets, but we will release music and artists that will transcend both cultures and transcend neighborhoods.”

The three partners will share an equal interest in the new venture, which will be called Streetlife/Klock Work Records.