Jay-Z to Appear in Super Bowl Commercial with Hall of Famer Don Shula

Jay-Z is slated to appear in a Super Bowl commerical for Budweiser Select beer alongside football Hall of Famer Don Shula when the big game airs on February 4. According to the Associated Press, the ad will feature Jay and Shula squaring off in a futuristic game of “chess-like” football rendered with holographic images. Jigga was appointed co-brand director for Bud Select in October 2006. When the agreement was announced, Budweiser said that Jay would be consulting on upcoming Budweiser Select television ads, radio spots, a print campaign and high-profile events. Hova and the beer giant teamed up in November for a collaborative Budweiser commercial featuring portions of the video for his single “Show Me What You Got,” which also featured race car drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Danica Patrick.

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  • Young L

    Jay Z is gay

  • yung ceasa

    but young l he still makin more money than u while sittin on his ass. while u still tryna make money sellin fake drugs that nobody’s buyin

  • JiggaJr

    He on his way to a bili he played his cards nice!!!!


    Streets Iz Watching

  • derfla the hus’la

    and stupid people think he lost.. lol

  • http://mcmusicnotes.blogspot.com MC

    jigga just keeps makin moves..another promo ad, 40-40 clubs, Roca, his own color on an SUV and hit records…


  • lg

    hov is the ultimate hustler my niggs deal wit it 1. he done took hip hop further than ever

  • jacquez
  • J.R.O.

    If only he was still on top of his pen game, shit would be so complete.


    fuck jay, but the nigga is not stupid. nigga is getting cheese

    so am i, before someone text (at realest: realest with an “E”, you need to get money cause jay is)

    i say fuck him cause he could help out our race more than he is with his power in hip hop

    he is equivalent to russell simmons & puffy

  • bbron

    dude is on a whole other level. “What you think would happen when they named that rapper CEO”. He mastered the hustle, the flow , the hits, the trends. Did it in the streets, integrity on wax, and killing it in the corporate world. And still gave me a honest, INTEGRITY DRIVING, Kingdome Come. Please think before you EVER mention Jim Jones or Dip or (LIL) wayne in the same breath as JAY. You are born a boss, not yelling it out being a follower. If wayne was one he would have been left Baby and he would take more risk as a person/rapper and not be the follower that he is. REAL TALK. And again I dig Wayne music but he got years to go b4 he on Jay level

  • August

    “Dats why dey call him hov cuz he came b4 all dis shyt”…

  • bbron

    ^^^^^ Sit back analyze, and strive for your shit and you can help yaself and in turn your kids and your race. People moms got to work every day working 2 jobs busting her ass and they don’t watch her. So how the fuck can you blame Jay, or Russell, or Jordan, Or Oprah, or Condaliza Rice, or Mcnabb, or Jonnie Cochran when muthafuckas don.t listen anyway. Thats some hatin shit you just said. Maybe one day these people will donate something to you…..

  • Three4

    Budweiser tastes like piss…

  • anonymous

    Jay-Z is setting a good example by showing that you don’t need to be stuck hustling to get money. He is showing that business smarts and intelligence can elevate you regardless of race. If he just donates a lot of money, what’s he doing? The trick is not giving charity, just like the old saying goes… give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish… well you know the rest.

  • thththt

    the hustler of the year strikes again.

    fifty cent will never reach this level.

  • crack

    im starting to really hate hov…

  • http://myspace.com/natdisat Caino

    Jay will keep the hustlas game up. He killin them as usual. Big shots out to the roc. Nat Disat 4 life. myspace/natdisat

  • Young L

    he’s still gay and yung cesa y dont you just go suck his dick or sumtin

  • Eighce

    He’s slangin’ that legal shit now

  • McRen

    he’s slangin’ that legal shit now

  • Hurricane Game

    Seriously though Jay please stop Over Exposing yourself.
    Its getting Gay

  • NastyNasir

    Jay is a sellout. Isnt a CEO supposed to provide opportunity for his artist and clients? But he give himself their shine. Jay lost.

  • NastyNas

    Jay is a sellout.

  • philly

    Jay is providing opportunity for his clients and at the same time still handling things for him. Jeezy got his clothing line, plus platinum status on his first album and doing good compared to other rappers this year with his second album. Lebron got a deal with Microsoft and rumored that Jay had some imput in that. Nas got a helluva contract and was 1st on billboard 1st week. Luda is doing his thing and branching off to other spectrums. Rhianna got pop and global appeal. Like what are you hating on^^^^^ Everybody cant eat but he got enough people eating. Stop Hating

  • fckdadips

    young l is a bitch ass nigga