The Coca-Cola soda company has enlisted Jay-Z and his Rocawear apparel company to help relaunch their lagging Cherry Coke brand. According to marketing magazine and website, Hova will consult on several different aspects of the branding initiative including the look of the new Cherry Coke can and the new TV commercials for the product. The Def Jam head will also be co-producing and making an appearance at the Cherry Coke and Cherry Coke Zero launch event on February 7 at New York's Fashion Week. Jay and Rocawear will work in conjunction with L.A. based advertising agency 72 and Sunny to create ad spots for TV, print, internet and radio. An unspecified Jay-Z song is expected to be used in the ads, although the rapper and label president is not expected to appear in any of them. “The partnership between Rocawear and Coke for the relaunch of Cherry Coke represents how brands are looking for fully integrated partnerships to effectively communicate to a lifestyle,” said Jameel Spencer, CMO for Rocawear. “The partnership is mutually beneficial as Coke has a longstanding place in the fabric of American culture, and Rocawear represents the fashion iteration of the 'new' America.”