Jay-Z and Rocawear to Push Cherry Coke

The Coca-Cola soda company has enlisted Jay-Z and his Rocawear apparel company to help relaunch their lagging Cherry Coke brand. According to marketing magazine and website Brandweek.com, Hova will consult on several different aspects of the branding initiative including the look of the new Cherry Coke can and the new TV commercials for the product. The Def Jam head will also be co-producing and making an appearance at the Cherry Coke and Cherry Coke Zero launch event on February 7 at New York’s Fashion Week. Jay and Rocawear will work in conjunction with L.A. based advertising agency 72 and Sunny to create ad spots for TV, print, internet and radio. An unspecified Jay-Z song is expected to be used in the ads, although the rapper and label president is not expected to appear in any of them. “The partnership between Rocawear and Coke for the relaunch of Cherry Coke represents how brands are looking for fully integrated partnerships to effectively communicate to a lifestyle,” said Jameel Spencer, CMO for Rocawear. “The partnership is mutually beneficial as Coke has a longstanding place in the fabric of American culture, and Rocawear represents the fashion iteration of the ‘new’ America.”

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  • gumer

    jay z is becoming a fuckin sellout….first budweiser and now this shit

  • derfla the hus’la

    dudes doing what he does best he jus hustling making that paper’ trying to get that oprah money… do yah thing jay body them haters while making making mo cake

  • wtf

    Poland first…?!

  • Young


  • jburg

    man this guy is the ultimate businessman! the next russell simmons. you can say what you want about his album, but you can’t knock the hustle!

  • skip

    Get that money fuck that gumer u would do the same thing fuck that SELLOUT shit.

  • skip

    so i guess he soldout 2 be the pres of Def Jam

  • MR. WestSide

    This nigga always addin another million to his name

  • MR. WestSide

    jay z pushin coke again, legally

  • http://myspace.com/profane323 MR. WestSide

    Jay Z is pushin Coke again, but legally this time

  • crack

    I am REALLY starting to hate hov

  • jacquez
  • J.Golden

    Everything Gay-Z does proves his homie Nas right. Fuck them and Fuck everybody he know.

  • Anton

    You mother fuckers are done. Always hating on success, I’m done with these blogs, nothing but hate, and black people call whites racist. They kill each other and hate on their own.

  • dyoung

    jigggggaaaaaaaaa make that money my dude

  • mannyworld33


  • jburg

    Anton Says:

    January 29th, 2007 at 1:37 pm
    You mother fuckers are done. Always hating on success, I’m done with these blogs, nothing but hate, and black people call whites racist. They kill each other and hate on their own.

    YO this dude is right on point. That’s the problem with black people. Always ready to call someone a sellout because they doing big things. You should be happy to see a black man come from selling rocks to millionaire status!! Niggas hate when they should be proud. I am glad to see that Jay didn’t have to go to some Ivy League school to make it big in this country. I am glad to see that the White heads at Bud and Coca Cola see that too. Black people stop being crabs and pulling each other down and be proud that we making it. Other generations can’t say some of the things we can.

  • KG

    Fuck this “he’s a sell out” bullshit hip hop sold out tha moment RUN DMC made “my adidas”..fuck you gone tell niggas after that?…Hip Hop has no soul..so fuck it hov’ get paid and leave ya heir that shiny new beach chair…while “concious” niggas struggle for a baby seat.

  • J.R.O.

    Fuck the haters.

    Ya’ll keep it real and stay broke.

  • http://xxlmagazine.com citybo1

    first budwieser than nascar now coke that is sellout shit because he dont drink bud and he dont speed and cherrycoke is nasty dudes got no taste. oh except for beyonce

  • NYG

    make that money he didn’t sell out whoever says they wouldn’t do that is a fuckin liar that has nothing to do with selling out he doesn’t live in the projects anymore hes a self made millionaire

  • http://almostaexpert.com missile 6

    when did we decide that keepin it real means staying in the hood on the block forever. call him a sellout when he stop doing for his own people. every time its a tragedy he the first one to help. the same niggas hating calling this man a sellout is using these products that jay is endorsing. get ya minds right, everybody don’t have stay stuck in the hood just cuz you ignorant niggas think thats stickin to the g code. crab ass suckaz!

  • Jersey Boy

    Why when dudes make power moves some cats call em sell outs ! I mean really if Coke asked me or anyone to do a ad for some millions ….Who would turn them down !! NO oNE TO YOU DUMD ASS NIGGAS SATY BROKE TO THE gO GETTAS GET MONEY SON !!!

  • Tank-Philly’s Finest

    “What more can I say..” Dude is the truth. The only cats that are mad are the ones that don’t know how to get money like Hov. All you haters need to appreciate what this dude is doing. He is showing a whole ethnicity that you do not have to be defined by your color. Get that money Hov.
    Another thing. What’s up with the fake street shit. Was he supposed to sell drugs and be on the block the rest of his life? Come on now, 90% of yall jokers out here are pretending. Wanting ya name to ring out for the wrong reasons…R.I.C.O. motherfuckers. Its time to ascend to another level and take over the board rooms because the toughest gangsta’s are the ones that can pick up a pen or make a phone call…Pick up a book…read the “Willie Lynch Letters” and learn something.

  • http://www.funksexcool.com Pete Bewsher

    cherry coke is the real deal yall.

  • Equanimity

    Jigga is at it again. Thats what I like to see black men succeeding.

    And for you haters: Get off your ass, stop thinking hustling on the block makes you “black,” and take advantage of America — it is built on an entrepreneurial spirit. You idiots are just too stupid to realize that no one gives a damn about your street credibility

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  • Sincere

    Nas says don’t be a hoe! At least Nas stands for something…fuck a beer commercial


  • Hurricane Game

    Teh Ghey!!!

  • d’ma

    dats the line playa dats the line… ill quote!!

  • ATL Southside

    He’s not a bussiness man He’a bussinesssssssss mannnn!!!!!! jay z do yo thing fuck these haters, rather put jimmy jones or wayne over you…and wayne can flow but his whole apperance an image is fucked up…he goes from one thing to another…now a bisexual thug an yeah its true he said it…jay z has to be the best rapper alive not just from his flow his success as a rapper makes him the best

  • King Deezy

    I don’t know why the fuck niggas like to talk shit about Hova talkin bout the niggas a sell out and shit… I dont get it!? How the nigga a sellout for gettin all that paper LEGALLY that the white man tryna keep from us, dig? I guarantee that the deal between Rocawear a clothing company worth $70,000,000, and a soda company worth billions…. It’s gotta be worth multimillions… Way more than any of you hatin ass niggas got in your pocket.

  • http://xxlmag.com SHANK5

    fuck nebody who approves nething this big lip fag does fuck u fuck u fuck u jay-z’ a fukn fag, someone please snipe his lips. pleeeeeease.

  • Dade County 305

    GUMER, ur such a dumb fuck!!! the brotha is makin moves. i guess all ball playes from the hood r fuckin sellouts too! people like u r fuckin dumb. i played 9yrs in the NFL & i had niggaz like u from my hood hatin bcuz i didnt break bread with them when i made it.i was called a sellout,i heard i wasnt keepin it real,etc. 1st off i dont owe no one shit but my wife,kids & my mom. so all u haitn ass dumb fucks, grow the fuck up & b a man!!! u young dumb fucks! Jay keepin makin moves like that 2 show the real youngsters that r BLACK OR BROWN that dreams can come true. HARD WORK PAYS OFF!!! SHIT AINT FREE IN THIS WORLD, SO GO MAKE IT HAPPEN YOUNG BROTHAS & LATINOS.