Yonkers rapper Jadakiss and MC Super Nova Slom are teaming up to release a new track that will serve to educate youth on the activist origins of gang culture. The track, which is called “Gangsta's Salute,” was produced by Brooklyn native Ntrfied and has been distributed to various mixtape DJ's across the country. "Gangsta Salute is a timely song because there are a lot of YG's (young gangsta's), especially in NYC, banging in the name of various sets without knowing the history and original intent of these gang organizations,” said Slom. "I was personally taught by respected OG's from both organizations that the original intent of organizations such as the Bloods and Crips was economic empowerment, political empowerment and community protection… not bangin' on each other." Each month Slom hosts the "Unify the Hood/Heal the Hood" showcase in Brooklyn which features an open mic performance and several workshops on economic empowerment lead by music executives, artists, community activists and professionals. “Gangsta Salute brings the Chuck-D out of Jada," said Jadakiss. "It's a hot track with hot lyrics and no preaching. What more can you ask for?”