Jadakiss and Super Nova Slom Team to Educate Youth On Gang Culture

Yonkers rapper Jadakiss and MC Super Nova Slom are teaming up to release a new track that will serve to educate youth on the activist origins of gang culture. The track, which is called “Gangsta’s Salute,” was produced by Brooklyn native Ntrfied and has been distributed to various mixtape DJ’s across the country. “Gangsta Salute is a timely song because there are a lot of YG’s (young gangsta’s), especially in NYC, banging in the name of various sets without knowing the history and original intent of these gang organizations,” said Slom. “I was personally taught by respected OG’s from both organizations that the original intent of organizations such as the Bloods and Crips was economic empowerment, political empowerment and community protection… not bangin’ on each other.” Each month Slom hosts the “Unify the Hood/Heal the Hood” showcase in Brooklyn which features an open mic performance and several workshops on economic empowerment lead by music executives, artists, community activists and professionals. “Gangsta Salute brings the Chuck-D out of Jada,” said Jadakiss. “It’s a hot track with hot lyrics and no preaching. What more can you ask for?”

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  • NYG

    i cant wait to hear it it sounds hot

  • J.R.O.

    Yeah, me too.


    Regardless Of What Reason The Gang Was Formed It Winds Up Canibalizing The Culture It Adhered Itself To…
    I Was On The Island(Rikers) When O.G.Mack And Deadeye Began To Hunt Down And Disfigure LatinKings, Netas & Dominican Power Members Who Flourished In Their Early Begginings By Victimizing Blacks…
    Somehow The Movement Lost It’s Way And Voila You Have The Bloods..
    Once The Bloods Gained The Uneasy Respect Of The Latino Gangs They Began Oppressing Their Own..
    Most Of The Early Bloods Were African-Americans So Now You Have Blacks With West Indian Ancestry Not Feeling The Bloods,Shazam!!Now You Have Crips,It’s All Cause And Effect-NYC Is So Diverse That Our Original Gangs Were Distinct Entities
    Watch That Movie “The Warriors” You’ll See…
    But The Adoption Of West Coast Culture And Lifestyle Has Perverted NY.No Longer Are You Judged For The Man You Are,Now You Are Judged By Which Set You Are CLaiming…
    It’s Obvious NYC Attempted To Offset This Influx Of West Coast Contamination And In The Mid To Late 90′s You Began To Hear About Another Gang-”ABG” Or “Any Body Getit” Who Used Those Hats That Are Blue On The Outside And Red On The Inside To Signify Their Position….

  • Ricco “Jones” Washburn

    Jada knows how to do it proper, hopefully he prospers.


    Jada is nice wit his, i think it will be hot, thats what we got to do teach the babies with real hiphop

  • Real>Tough

    What A Joke! I’m sorry but NYC gangs are a joke! Out west, where you have 35,40 years of families wrapped up in the gang culture. Thats real!! But Lil Young Bitch Niggas in NYC… Nah… I don’t respect them doing a song about wannabee ass niggas… NYPD runs NYC

  • jacquez
  • fromtha”A”shawty

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  • EReal


    Sticking Leaches on Myself.


  • EReal

    I can ask for Jada to disappear.

    1 hunned.

  • Whiteman

    No matter what you all say black people have a racial commitment to crime always have always will. The gangs are simply mother natures way to keepin populations down because niggers breed like bunny rabbits…

  • EReal

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  • NYG

    ill admit, alot of people in gangs in New York aren’t like West Coast people where they grew up on it like for generations but if you go to places like the Bronx Castlehill Projects and places in Harlem them dudes are hard and they don’t play so before you talk about gangs in NYC do some research

  • J.R.O.

    EREAL stlyed on that cracker. LOL Real T.

  • http://myspace.com/delgodostrangelove Delgodo

    Peace out to Jada and my boy Supa Nova Slom for attempting this. All these so called Gangsta emcees aren’t about doing shit but lining their own pockets at the expense of the youth in the neighborhoods that they haven’t visited in years. Supa Nova’s has got his heart and mind in the right place and his cause is just.



    Gangs are for pussies……

    I know so many punks out here on the west coast that are down to fight if they got all there mans and them but by themselves they’re to shook to do anything.

    As for the east coast gangs your all mr. me too’s

  • Ray Ray

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    who’s with me?

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  • White Bwoy


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  • Anon Y Mous

    White Bwoy your racism really isn’t helping things, it is having the opposite effect.