J Prince Honored in Houston, Breaks Ground on New Community Center

rap-a-lot.jpgRap-A-Lot Records principal J Prince was honored in Houston on Tuesday (January 30) when Mayor Bill White and council member Ronald Green presented him with a proclamation declaring January 30 “James Prince Day.” Prince was recognized for his 20 years of community service to the city of Houston and its people. Over the years the Rap-A-Lot CEO has made it a point to give back to his community by handing out toys to children at Christmas, offering classes to children and senior citizens at his Rap-A-Lot Jensen Street headquarters and providing housing to over 500 people uprooted by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. On January 26, Prince broke ground on a multi-million dollar community center that he and his wife Mary are building for area residents. The center is located across the street from his Prince Boxing Complex and will provide various activities for neighborhood children such as athletics and computer courses.

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  • J.R.O.

    Now THAT is what’s real. It really outshines the Jay headline today.

    J. Prince, baby!

  • jacquez
  • http://xxlmag.com mike from the wood

    texas baby

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Yeah Im Young Yeah Im Fly

    I Dont Really Think J. Prince Are Doing A Great Job.. He Should Just Be Happy He Have The Greatest Talent The Greatest and Best Rapper Alive and In History Signed To His Wack ass Label
    Z-Ro King Of The Ghetto
    J Prince I Hope You Read This Z-ro Is Frustrated.. He is About To Leave The Fake Ass Game.. This Man Should Swim In Cash And Be On Top Of MTV,, BET..
    Look WhatS happening To Him The Police is Always After Him For Nothing
    He Just Wanna Pay His Damn Bills
    He Is Being Unpaid/Unpaid By Bitch Ass J Prince Free Z-Ro The True Hero Under GOD

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Yeah Im Young Yeah Im Fly

    Thats Fucked Up This Bitch Is Gettin His Money, While Z-Ro is Locked Up..
    While Z-Ro is Doing His Thing And Slangin Records J Prince Is Siting On His Bitch Ass Getting Z-Ro`s Money

  • it be like dat

    Now thats what up- Helping people!!! If you sitting on millions and you not helping others-Kill yo self!!!!

    GIVE*LIVE*LOVE, cause you cant take it with ya when ya gone!!


    z-ro is one of my favorite rappers, but you cant blaim j prince for z-ro going back to jail every other week. Z-ro had shows lined up. Im Still Livin was going to be his break out album. You cant promote that shit from jail homie. You talkin to a nigga that sat a smoked to blunts wit ro in LC. the nigga is as real as it gets. He just going through tuff times. but he got a good heart he going to blow up. i just hope nobody hate and take his life.

    Much love to j prince for giving back

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Yeah Im Young Yeah Im Fly

    REALLY Have You Seen Z-Ro Dddddamn How Do You Know Him?? Anyway Im not talkin about Its J Prince`s Fault that Z-Ro is gettin Locked Up, im talking about that he is getting unappreciated by Prince and Unpaid..Even if he is The most talented rapper on the label
    Look at Bun B and Pimp C Or any one else they are getting paid Right every damn Day and even if Z-Ro wasnt in jail Im still Livin wouldnt be promoted just Like his Last albums…. Thats Some Bullshit
    Z-Ro i suggest you move from that wack ass label, to Universal, or Asylum Records or any other Label, who would apriciate you and be H.A.P.P.Y. About that they have The G.R.E.A.T.E.S.T. Rapper in history on their Label.. God Bless You
    Joseph Wayne McVey

  • Clyde Hill

    Well I think that is nice what J.Prince is doing but it’s being done for fuked up reasons. It’s not from his heart. J Prince is like the Tin Man he doesn’t have a heart. He is rootless. He has no foundation. He built his facility to facilitate the Government and his begging ass family and friends. He can write all this off instead of giving Uncle Sam his split because he has tax liens and levies to deal with now. He can give his family and friends jobs and write their begging asses off now. Smart but really no heart. It’s cool but this man is a Tin Man. He has no heart and he loves money more than anything. He doesn’t make money the money makes him. You can see the true character of a person when it comes to money. Put the people you know in a money situation who they really are will surface. Bye.