jay_close.jpgAs expected, Jay-Z's comeback LP Kingdom Come dominated this week’s charts, moving just over 680,000 copies and landing at #1 on the pop charts, according to SoundScan. The album marks Jay's emergence from a self-imposed retirement that he announced in 2003 shortly before releasing his last record The Black Album. Snoop Dogg also makes a strong debut this week with his latest project, The Blue Carpet Treatment, which scanned around 264,000 units and will debut in the #5 spot. The latest posthumous Tupac album, Pac's Life, which features guest appearances from some of the industry's biggest names, sold just under 160K and will land at #9. Elsewhere on the charts we see The Game's sophomore offering, The Doctor's Advocate, scan an additional 134 copies in its second week in stores to bring it to a total just north of 493K.