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  • Killaaaaaaaa

    fucking sickening

  • Tahleek

    Why do people do this? Nas 1994 to present, legend. Pitbull 2005 to present, bojangles. Hey I got one! Young Joc vs Snoop. It’s going down!

  • Jamil

    Look, Pitbull have done club singles cause thats where da money is in the rap industry, but lisen to that nigga’s mixtape youll see a whole different character on this nigga, Pits gangsta, he cant be compare to Nas cause he is a north lyricist rapper, but south-wise Pit is like a Nas

  • paper-chase

    im not laughing

  • Stax On Deck

    Hell Naw! What Kinda question is that? i like pitbull but FUCK NO!!

  • nasty

    dis is really sickning, u guys gat jokes, but i aint laughing.

  • Ol Skool

    wtf? are you serious? this is the stupidest thing i eva heard WTF has pitbull eva done? SHIT! Nas is a fucking legend. u put nas’ mediocre shit against pit’s strongetst and nas will win every time. i ain’t just hatin on the south i’m born and raised in south florida. pitbull is in the lower level of rappers right with Rick Ross and Diddy. Fuck em. now u know hip hop is dead when people say some retarded shit like this.

  • khaki&chucks

    even calling pitbull a rapper is overstating