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  • j-dubz

    First nigga/ head nigga/ i’m that nigga!

  • Real Talk From Da South

    Damn 2nd Nigga. The next nigga. I want to see what Jigga had 2 say.

  • SoopaContRa

    if Jayz disses Pac after his death he a bitch for that

    3rd niggaz

  • pac fan

    i’d be fair to say Jay-z is a hip hop icon in his own right but if he disses 2pac after he is gone that’s the only time jay could do it 2pac was and is and always will be the greatest rap star that graced the mic. If jay does diss him he has got no respect for the music industry or the dead RIP 2pac

  • Matthew from Texas

    Jay a hoe everyone tellin him he maybe the #1 rapper of all time then went to his head.When 2pac was alive and dissin him he keep his fuckin mouthshut now he want to talk 10years later yeah he a hoe

  • chantel

    Wait a minute do he really dis 2pac becaus ethat means he’s got to go head to head with all the niggas from the west coast and trust me when I say he ain’t ready for that.I don’t care how gansta he think he is go through to 2pac’s rap sheet the nigga dead and he still selling records so what that tell you 2pac still the greatest rapper life after death

  • jaimeg

    after praising tupac in one of his stupid songs, he goes on and disses pac. Gay-Z with a capital G is a fucking cunt. Fuck new york, LOS ANGELES 4 L1FE.

  • fukouttahereyo

    1PAC was by far the most over-rated rapper of all time! He was alright at first when he started out and I emphasise “alright”. Before he died he became a crying lil bitch because he got his bitch ass robbed and shot up in NYC. All his songs sounded the same near the end. Yo Pac, WHO SHOT YA????? Jay shoulda got him when he was alive because pac had average rap skills, hova whould chewed him up!!!!!

  • fuckyouaboveme

    fukouttahereyo the suckker said something he didnt even listened to rap , lol stupid faggot thats why u with gay-z. tupac raps bout life & real things , he was revolutionary not like gay-z same shit over and over again im the boss & im the gangsta & im this im that fuck that lil bitch that mofo sucked too much ppl to get on this place ,thats why he got so fucking big lips hahaha
    # 1 Faggot Rapper All time = Gay-Z
    Tupac = Immortal Rapper
    Gay-Z = Immortal Faggot

  • Da Sh*t

    good example of Gay-Z dickrider
    R.I.P Tupac

  • 2Pac

    man fuk thios guy saying jay-z wolud’ve fuked up PAc. He’s obiously one of these new cats that dont know nutin bout the game. He prolly heard changes once and tahts wat hes basin it one. Wat a faggot. And by the way 2pac was better wen he was 18 than jay is now wen hes wat, 90? Tell that old ass mutha fuker to stay in retirement.

  • makaveli not gone

    i must admit jay-z is one of the fuckin worst rappers i ever did hear,his style is all talk and no decent beats,his new shit sounds like it was made in 1975,yeah keep your roots nigga,but its nearly 2007 for fucks sake,if they brought out all the decne tupac tracks which are left and let johnny j and daz do there thing with producing it,and stop afeni messing about 2pac would be 10x plats again no problem,stop fucking with 2pacs beats and go back to the style that made the legend,all said and done his new stuff which is out there,is still much better than anything beefy burger lips could bring out,afeni let johnny j and daz get hold of them master copy’s and stop making money for whatever?? and give the fans what they want,and more important what the deserve,peace out

  • Christopher Montas

    Gay-z That faggot ass nigga can say shit to 2pac. 2pac is a real nigga dead or alive. Greatest rapper that ever lived. much luv to ma nigga 2pac.

  • Red ridin hood

    Fuck that shit

    2pac also dissed biggie after he died

    so i say they both bitches

  • 2pac


  • hello

    tupac was the best rapper when he was a live and is even better now that he died.. no on can or ever will top him

  • Broomstick up jigga’s ass

    Jay-z is a fagget,he only married beyonce to hide the fact that he was gay.
    He likes sucking cock,look at his dick sucking lips,even though i don’t like nas that was one think nas was right about.

  • Broomstick up jigga’s ass

    He the fuckin snitch

  • lowdowg

    hell yeah… Nobody will ever be as grate as tupac.. And for all ya black “G’s” that diss him ya should stop, because he was fighting for one thing and one thing only he was fighting for black peoples rights.. I eaven offered hes life for ya niggaz. He was like Black Jesus.. you know what i’m talking about.. so every black ass that diss tupac: FUCK YOU!

  • new zealand fan

    thats a bitch move from jigga i dont care who you are you gonna does a dude ten years after he dead you aint nothing but a bitch

  • MC Untouchable

    # Red ridin hood Says:
    January 2nd, 2007 at 4:53 pm

    Fuck that shit

    2pac also dissed biggie after he died

    so i say they both bitches


    in response to this dumb ass:
    pac died first stupid.

    you’re a dumbass and you dont know shit about rap. go listen to your danity kane and your lil jon and wack off to your jay z cd. faggot


  • ‘Ye

    Hey red ridin’ hood you obviously dont know much by sayin tupac dissed biggie after biggie died, TUPAC DIED FIRST! Pac was a revoloutionary and a prophet. Im a 16 y.o white kid and he has moved me so how good must he be. Also Jay-Z striclt from a rap and lyrical stance is an unbelievable rapper but not as god as 2pac peace to all luv u malcolm x