ti.jpgMike Green of Big League Entertainment, the promotional company behind the recent Hot 97 Back to School Jam, has expressed his intention to sue rapper T.I. over his performance at the recent Boost Mobile Rock Corps show at Radio City Music Hall. According to Green, T.I. violated the terms of a contract between Big League and himself stipulating that he was not to perform at any events in the New York area prior to the Back to School show. While fans initially assumed the Atlanta rapper simply failed to show up at the concert, which ended abruptly when a soundman cut off DMX’s mic five minutes into his set, Green told MTV News that he, in fact, did not allow the Grand Hustle CEO to take the stage. “People think T.I. didn’t show up that night, but I didn’t allow him to make it...He did a show in the area just a week before and breached what he had with us, because he wasn’t supposed to perform in the area for 30 days before our show. So I didn’t allow him to perform. I’m going to sue the hell out of him.” The Boost Mobile Rock Corps is a charitable organization that offers exclusive access to special concerts in exchange for four hours of community service.