p56462lrbyp.jpgToday the U.S. Supreme Court decided against re-opening a libel case brought against two Philadelphia newspapers by longtime critic of hip-hop music, C. Delores Tucker, the Associated Press reports. The case revolved around the lyrics to 2pac's song “How Do You Want It,” in which the slain rapper rhymed, “Delores Tucker, you’s a muthafucka/Instead of tryin’ to help a nigga, you destroy a brother.” In response, Tucker, who died in October of 2005, sued 2pac, alleging that because of the song lyrics, her husband had suffered a "loss of consortium." The Philadelphia Daily News and The Legal Intelligencer were two papers that interpreted that term to mean a decline in the couple's sex life. In turn, Tucker filed a libel suit against the two newspapers, claiming that the term "loss of consortium" had nothing to do with her and her husband's sex life, but actually was in reference to "advice, society, companionship, i.e., defendants' effect upon the “family union.” William Tucker had continued to pursue the suit on his wife's behalf after her death last year, even after a Pennsylvania court had previously dismissed the case.