Member of Kansas Hip-Hop Group Da Bombsquad Found Dead

dabombsquad_t180.jpgThe body of Anthony “Clacc” Vital, a member of underground Lawrence, Kansas hip-hop group Da Bombsquad, was found along a stretch of US Highway 40 on Sunday (October 15). Vital’s body was found in a field about two miles outside of Lawrence, and while the death has been ruled suspicious by law enforcement, no official cause of death has been released. Authorities are reportedly looking for a 1998 Ford Thunderbird that may be connected to the death and have asked anybody with knowledge of the incident to contact local authorities.

According to acquaintances, Vital was “a spiritual person,” although he was involved in a home invasion in the late 1990s that landed him on probation. A largely local group, Da Bombsquad released their first album, Timz Up, on Lock-N-Load Records in 2001 and aspired to be the first rap group from Kansas to make it big. Keith Loneker of Lock-N-Load told local paper The Lawrence Journal-World, “He was a kid who had so much talent. If he could have been guided, there was a lot out there for him.” Vital reportedly worked part time at the local bus company, and according to fellow group member Richard “GQ the Country Bunkin” Thomas, he leaves behind a wife.

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  • Bol

    Well this is certainly unfortunate.

  • e

    LOL @ Bol

    R.I.P Anthony “Clacc” Vital Never heard of these guys though

  • Dyoung

    damn that shit sad

  • og of the streets

    hu te fuck is this

  • Three4

    Never heard of dude but R.I.P….

  • jittweezy954

    Damn man, what is the world coming to, R.I.P , I hope everything gets figured out and put into proportion…

  • Mister B

    They got Hip Hop in

  • 420PURP


  • Spitz

    Something soundz fishee about that.RIP.Vital

  • H-MAN



    rip homie from me and the rest of the k


    hey mr bitch you think hip hop is only in new york texas cali you dumd who do you think buy most cds we have one the richest county in the world you dumd bitch watch fucking mouth nigga. this man dead and you laughing that was my boy

  • Corinne

    That’s fucking sad. Another thing sad is that you guys think it’s another dude dead, don’t you? He was an actual living man with blood, like you.It doesn’t matter if you didn’t know their music R.I.P, this world is gone dead too long ago.

  • Westside Money aka G-unite

    i actually heard of the bombsquad well anyway thats messed R.I.P VITAL and best of luck to who he left behind.



  • largest

    damn, RIP anthony vital..from topeka/lawrence area, we know about hip hop..just as much as you east,west,south coast fans..

  • Big Scrap Locc

    God bless the dead!

  • L.A.’s Finest

    R.I.P. to Mr. Vital, it’s always a tragedy when someone loses their life. I never heard their music either, but I’d like to. One of you Kansas fools, put some music on here so the rest of us can see what they were all about.

  • Creepflow

    Just look for Tech N9ne and your fucked up remarks are shot!Blaugh!!

  • Creepflow

    As far as you dumb-asses not knowin Kansas hip-hop.

  • Big Chops

    May your soul eternally rest peacefully Mr. vital.

  • Real

    R.I.P mane may GOD be with you.

  • Knowledge Speaks

    Aw, whaaaaaaaaaat? Damn, what the fuck is goin’ on this year in Hip Hop? Too many brothas dying. Count stacks don’t cock gats, R.I.P. Vital.

  • reezbo56

    RIP brother vital. How many more brothers will have to die or get locked up for us black people to realize that we need a change of mind? Food for thought fam.

  • http://XXL BIG GEE

    RIP Homie. Whoever wrote that this world is dead long ago is true. We are living in the last days. I am a Gym teacher and I just took a half of gram of Hard(CRACK) off a 5 year old in Kindegarten class. When I have do such a thing like that just minutes ago. I know shit is fu*ked up. RIP Homie.. God needs to take us all FOR REAL.

  • samsin

    first of all just cuase someone has not blown up yet is no reason to disrespect them as some have done on this board. Also for some midwest flavor try out that is part of my crew

  • Kornphlake

    This marks the second Hip-Hop related death here in Lawrence this year. Oh and the Police are now calling this a homocide.

  • westbrook

    Here’s a link for a sample of Da BombSquad:

  • Crisis

    For all you who don’t know who the Bombsquad is, I feel sorry, they have talent coming from the midwest. It was said in the paper they were the first ones to make it big coming from kansas. As for me I was one Clacc’s homeboys, he was like a brother to me, worked together and everything man. He was a very good man who died for the wrong reasons, so Please I ask of you all who was talking shit not to disrespect this man. You did’nt know him like we knew him, R.I.P. Anthony “Clacc” Vital. You always was true.

  • Steve

    R.I.P. Clacc

  • Kareem

    Fuck you Mister Bitch Show some Respect stupid bitch……

  • G GG G GGggg

    aeyo . i got the truth
    50 did it

  • http://whatacckbyronis king Tut!

    r.I.p man! but the dude was straight thuggin he prolly deserved it! tru story! NYC bushwick brooklyn

  • Jenny

    R.I.P Uncle Anthony…you will be missed but never forgotten. I love you and hope you help guide the fam thorugh the hard times.

  • Tracy

    RIP Anthoney
    U will be missed.
    Much love to your family..

  • Zeke Carew

    1 wack rapper dead,5000ish to go

  • K Fate

    R.I.P to Anthony “clacc” Vital and much love to the family…. but to all yall dumb mutha fuckas who dodnt think kansas is doin anything big let me name a few artist Rich da Factor, Fat Tone, Tra Side Tykoonz, Da MVPZ, Tech N9ne, Fate, Greedy, Hobo Tone ect. we cummin up so watch out

  • Rizzill

    I was fortunate enough to meet Da Bombsquad at a local gas station and I bought their latest CD “I Got Work” from them about a year ago if you would like to hear a few of their tracks hit me up because I got a few ripped to my PC…

  • Sean D

    R.I.P., We will miss you. From the Midwest. (missouri)

  • Cuban Link

    lmao @ Bol and then lmao at Mister B

    R.I.P. duke, aint never heard of ya, but R.I.P. anyway.

    But oooooooo it looks like this ones a mystery!!!I can hardly wait untill the reenact this one on Law and Order!!

  • D.P.V.P

    R.I.P Anthony “clacc” Vital Soilder… Whatitis Fam. got much respect for them backwoods in Kansas/Missouri. Club Kandi & the regulars that attend, showed us much luv in “06″ when we came down to perform and attend the event for Dem Franchise Boyz. Out of towners don’t come to that state high side”n” or you will get burnt on spot.

  • Ke Ke

    Dang Anthony I just had a dream about you for some reason. I call myself searching to see if I can find you and this is what I found. RIP even thought it’s years too late I’m tripping right now nobody told me.

  • preiswert urlaub

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