lilwayne.jpgLil Wayne could possibly face criminal charges stemming from an incident during his performance at Morgan State University's Homecoming celebration last Thursday (October 19). According to The Baltimore Sun, a near riot ensued after someone threw wads of cash into the crowd from the stage during Wayne's performance. In the rush to retrieve the five, ten and twenty dollar bills, three young women were injured and a fourth fainted. Morgan State officials said that two of the women were treated at nearby Johns Hopkins Hospital for leg injuries, while the third woman refused medical attention. According to the Sun, University officials have banned Wayne from any future performances on school property, and campus police are evaluating the incident "from a public safety standpoint and a criminal standpoint." Clinton R. Coleman, a spokesman for the school, commented, "It was as dangerous a thing to do as standing in a crowded movie theater and shouting ‘fire’...It is something we regret that he did. We regret the injuries that were caused. And we're happy that most of the people in the crowd acted responsibly."