Jadakiss Pleads Not Guilty, Released on Bail

jadakiss.jpgYonkers rapper Jadakiss appeared in court on Tuesday (October 10) and plead not guilty to charges of weapons possession and possession of stolen property. According to MTV News, the rapper called into the Angie Martinez show on New York radio station Hot 97 to profess his innocence and relate his side of the story. “I should have been home sleeping, getting ready to do the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors with Styles P. Instead, I was in the ‘hood, being a knucklehead.” Police arrested him and three associates after discovering a stolen gun hidden in their vehicle. Initial reports on the incident claimed that Yonkers Police pulled the car over and arrested the four passengers when the gun was discovered. According to Jadakiss, he was not even sitting in the car, and the vehicle was locked when the police approached. The rapper was released after posting a $5000 bail and is due back in court on October 20.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/youngdeuce513 Young Deuce

    1st. Glad to see Jada out. D BLock….


  • koofiesmacker

    Fuck The POLICE NWA style, how you gona die him bail the other day then agree the next? Fuck man, Police is def. hating On niggas for real,…fuck em.
    Yo kiss It’s NYC allday we all got you, shit should clear soon,…and Fuck 50 and G-unit for that matter

  • ROB G

    3rd. nothin else to say this shit happens everyday

  • 11KAP

    Yeah, my nigga. WHAT!

  • theodore

    rob/g u said it my nigga u said it

  • theodore


  • http://hood Ctownrepresent

    I got court on Oct 20th too and the case I caught sounds a LITTLE worse. Oh well. Fuck the police.

  • J.A.D.A



  • Victor Trammell

    See, he’s admitting his mistakes like a man. I see why his musical side invokes so much character. “Why” was a fucking classic hit.

  • Diaz brothers

    jadakiss you know you going to beat that shit just dont say you should have been sleeping kid nigga we eat sleep shit this hood stuff you were were you belong nigga blame the cops for harrasing you niggaz + vhi dont even like rappers fuck vh1 and oprah
    big ups to sheek hood p & bully ddddd block stay up jada

  • john cochran

    Niggas just refuse to stay outta trouble. I think D Block niggas like jail. Maybe all they homies are there or something.

  • http://www.spittitclearrecords.com Symon Dagrapp aka The Boss Don

    With All Support Backed To Jada Kiss & D BLOCK I myself and The Whole
    spittitclearrecords family wish you the best of luck and to the laws that trail
    us all daily KNOCK YA SELF OUT Can’t Stop Us All – [The-Teflon-Mob]

  • Jersey Boy

    Jada got cake he gonna beat that court shit , cant keep real cats down !!!!!!! I hope Jada takes his own advice and not be a knucklehead again …..Stay up Jada

  • mr agee

    Jada will be fine. Now could nigga put out a album for crying out loud.

  • H-MAN

    WTF?? Iz that like tha 15 time this year rappaz have been caught wit a weapon, and yet not one incidence of shottz fired…Yall fake, hard az cup cakez…puzziez…should call yourselfez B- blok,

  • eastcoast crips

    fuck jadakiss ggg unit pussy ass nigga

  • MissLoveOne

    ^^Ok, so he’s fake because he didn’t walk up and shoot somebody, like nothing would be wrong with it? That would even be more stupid on his part. I don’t care how hard you are, what you did in the streets. Nobobody and I mean nobody wants a murder rep. The folks that ahve already done it, will tell you that.

  • Mister B


  • 110 street

    new york shit that all harlemm..

  • whatitdo

    dat nigga weak anyway

  • whatitdo

    tha south takin ova tha game 4 a reason!!!!!!!!

  • ill will

    jada is a real nigga. but if you wanna keep it hood and be somewhere you dont gotta be shit like that happens. got arrested on some bullshit. hood shit shit is a way of life its nothing to glorify.

    and fuck all you niggaz if u aint feelin that. bitchass niggas.

  • Big Chops

    LAST!!!!!! H-A, H-A, H-A

  • http://xxl.com Gutta Aka paper boy

    Probably was shitting in his draws. Wit his no lyrics having ass. He needed to feel them jail bars wit his lame ass crew. Sheek lo… what eva and styles P. I neva knew something rhymed wit orange? G-unit wrecks them niggas.50 shots.

  • shawtee

    Jay asked “WHY” , I hope he know now……Jay shouldda been somewhere making a hit instead of gettin hit. Jay shoudda been thinking lifetime wealth for his kids – somebody need to tell Jay to wake up and make somethin happen worth reportin –

    Always 1love

  • BrightLights

    LOL, what rock have you been hypnotized by? What you mean no lyrics? If anything, that’s what dude is all about. If you want to call somebody lame, say that about Sheek, but you can’t say that about Jada or Styles.

    What the heck does G Unit got to do with this? They’re unrelated and irrelevent to the subject. I mean seriously, y’all should be over the whole beef by now. It’s been dead. It wasn’t your beef. You fanatics can RELAX now. They didn’t kill your mama.

  • Big Chops

    Back again Last!!! H-A,H-A,HA !!!!!!!

  • Million$MotivatedMailiciousMonarchMoneyMakin’Marc. O!

    Beat that charge my nigga and get the fuck off of Interscope dog. Go holla at Jay and get it poppin’ at Def Jam. Y’all could make a new Commission: Jay, Nas, Jada, Jeezy and Foxy. Just my thoughts…

  • http://xxlmag.com slick money

    It’s over for him and the rest of those dudes. 10 years in the game and the illest lyrics and he ain’t really got nothin’. I thought beef with the Unit was the best thing that could happen to them? No, it was the worst thing! What 50 say…he keep talkin’ like i’m a take all that/one more word out his mouth I’ll push Styles shit back… Can anybody tell me where Styles P at?

  • SugarHill

    WHY did Jada go get caught with a gun?

    Why did he have to pay 5K in bail man that shit ain’t no fun.

    WHY can’t he drop another album with sizzling hot tracks?

    WHY didn’t D-Block get back at 50 when he pushed Styles shit back?

    WHY are most artists wack now and hip hop dead?

    WHY the fuck can’t I find a track to make me bob my head?

    WHY do niggas get knocked over dumb shit their crew did?

    Why did you just get out of jail but you’re getting knocked for a new bid?

  • GrampaCracka

    Style is laid the fuck up with a broken leg…..Styles is signed to Interscope….and Curtis “Interscope” Jackson did indeed cause Styles shit to get pushed back….just like he said he would.

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