Heavy D Suing Insurance Company Over CCNY Stampede Damages

sq-heavy-d-press.jpgAccording to the New York Daily News, Heavy D, whose real name is Dwight Myers, has filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against Pittsburgh-based National Union Fire Insurance Co. In the suit, the rapper is seeking reimbursement for money he has paid to the victims of a deadly stampede that occurred during a celebrity basketball game at City College of NY in 1991. On December 28, 1991, frustrated attendees rushed the doors of the CCNY gym where the game was being held, and in the confusion 9 people were killed and nearly 30 more injured. It was later discovered that organizers had sold 5000 tickets to the game, while the venue could only safely hold about 2700 people. Heavy D, along with Sean “Diddy” Combs who also helped organize the concert, were both found to be negligent in the deaths in 1999. The Mount Vernon, NY native is now claiming that the insurance company has failed to reimburse him for $791,899 in damages that he has paid to victims who sued him after the judgment.

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  • http://xxlmag.com Underground Kind

    first bitches!!!

  • E-Mo


  • Big Chops

    First Again H-A H-A H-A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    That shit was 15 year’s ago!!! It sound’s like duke is broke… it’s a shame ! But tell that fuck head “Diddy” to hit you up with a little something DAME !!! Nicca got money!!!

  • http://xxl.com Young Gutta Aka paper boy(Long live da king) MW

    I….Agree?…. Dude is correct….

  • Tyler

    Yea’ that fuck Diddy didn’t pay any of the familes shit 4 that whole situation. They still try and file lawsuits against Diddy 4 that situaiton which is why none of his companies are in his name hence “Justin’s”. . . and “Sean John” cause if it ain’t in his name then they can’t get paid off it. They did over sell the tickets & Mad people died off that shit. What an asshole.

  • Jersey Boy

    Go tell heay d eat some food fat ass fuck he washed up

  • dreadzy

    broke asss

  • H-MAN

    While Diddy iz writin checkz he might az well hook me up wit one 4 2 million…Hey, what can I say, Biggie Smallz style iz expensive…lisp and tha sss’s included in tha deal…hahaha

  • H-MAN

    take that back…take that in Kash, FOK tha IRS

  • Brooklyn Flavor

    It’s good to see your still around you know what I’m talking about. You lucky I decided not to hit you with my Jeep in 2000 in midtown. With your funny lookin ass.