fabolous1.jpgAfter being shot and subsequently arrested on charges of illegal handgun possession, Fabolous was reportedly placed in a police lineup related to the robbery of an NBA player. ESPN reports that Sebastian Telfair of the Boston Celtics was scheduled to view several lineups on Tuesday night, which would include the rapper and his three co-defendants, in an attempt to identify the person who robbed him for a $50,000 chain in front of Sean Combs’ restaurant Justin's just moments before gunshots started flying early Tuesday morning.

Fabolous, who was struck in the leg by one of the bullets, has denied any involvement in the shooting or ownership of the weapons found in the 2005 Dodge Magnum he was traveling in at the time of his arrest. According to his attorney, Alberto Ebanks, the rapper did not arrive at Justin's in the car, which is registered to his client's Ghetto Fabolous production company, but was rushed into it by friends after being wounded. The New York Times quoted Ebanks as saying, “If any car had pulled up and offered him a ride to a local emergency room, he would have jumped in.”

He further asserted that Fabolous traveled to the restaurant in a Cadillac Escalade SUV, which was found with bullet damage to its windshield at the scene of the shooting. Andre Suite, a spokesperson for Justin's, has stated that contrary to previous reports, no argument took place inside the establishment prior to the shooting.