DMX Cited for Traffic Violations in Yonkers

dmx1.jpgRapper DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was pulled over in Yonkers, NY yesterday (October 9) after officers noticed that his 2001 Chevy Suburban was not inspected. Officers stopped the rapper at about 1 p.m. while he was traveling north on the Saw Mill River Parkway, Westchester’s Journal News reports. In addition to a summons for lacking an up-to-date inspection, he was also cited for a suspended registration and driving without a license. According to Westchester County Police officer Lt. Henry Cetina, Simmons was “fully cooperative.” The SUV was impounded and he is expected in court on December 18. This incident marks yet another chapter in a long string of driving related run-ins with the law for Simmons. On June 2, he was stopped and issued several violations for speeding and unsafe lane changes in White Plains, New York. Days later, he was cited for driving on the shoulder of the Hutchinson Parkway in Westchester. On June 30 he spent the night in jail after failing to appear in a White Plains courtroom despite having been granted two postponements.

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  • Gumer


    damn this nigga is at it again…nigga inspect your shit man it aint that hard

  • dronkmunk



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  • Knowledge Speaks

    Wow, X in trouble with the law again, whats new?

  • content

    he should change his name to DMV


    Dumb ass going to jail and getting his shit impounded over traffic tickets…this is just pathetic….if you going to go to jail make is worth wild.

  • jus

    whats new????

  • Ben

    The police harrass the real niggas of hip hop. They follow them everywhere they go. And will pull them over and charge them with any little offense they can!

    Watch the games dvd SSSL cops are following him everywhere he goes just waiting for him to slip up.

    Its the same with DMX and a load of other rappers who are not foney ass pussys.



  • jon-jon 23

    Are you stupid or just retarded Geathers? Nigga made millions of dollars and riding around with no license and registration. He might need to handle that.

  • Dre Boogie

    Yo X, wat u in 4?
    “man, sum bullshit”.
    Like what? u shoot a nigga or rob another muh-fuckah?
    “na, i aint pay my traffic tickets”.

    What??? come on na X..u like my favorite rapper ya damn tickets folks…Wild Wild Hundreds nigga, Chi-Town

  • Monte

    Damn ery time X in NY the copz alwayz be pullin’ his azz over fa the lilest thingz….fuck the police…an thats real…

  • H-MAN

    thatz that Yonkerz bullshit 4 ya…Hip-Hop copz R on tha rampage…Im startin 2 think itz a damn conspiracy theory…sittin on tha dock of tha bay shit…DMX prolly lookin 4 a shofer??? Whatz tha deal?

  • H-MAN

    Damn, DMX, Erytyme I drop Krazye shit, he endz up runnin into tha law…WTF???…Seemz 2 B, we couple of pitbullz in tha same cage…Ironic

  • Stax On Deck

    Can’t Stop Meetin Da Man huh X…chill out homey CRACK IZ WACK

  • Player From Heaven

    homeboi needs to chill out every once and awhile. dude need help

  • dope boi

    damn tht niggar at it again, wen he gonna learn to stop doin dum shit???

  • 11kap

    DMX hates regulation like you Republican bastards.

  • Big Time Lucky

    plain and simple he’s a dumb Mother Fcuker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • koofiesmacker

    You would think this nigga would get a driver or one of his boys to drive him by now,…man X my nigga he keeps it 100, but on the driving tip, he needs smarten up alil, Dumb ass nigga going back to jail,…So we can see his ass on Tv cryin again.
    Oh my bad X this makes more sense, then Wearing sandals & having B as a girlfriend? Fuck out here I’m tired of making excuses for you,…Real Talk X shape up

  • Victor Trammell


  • Big Chops


  • Big Chops


  • P.A.’s ridah bitch

    haha dmx is always on some shit…what else is new? this nigga must be a cray azz driver!!

  • Gutta Aka paper boy

    Lord gave yo ass a signed stop riding and smoking dumb ass!!

  • Big Chops

    back LAST!!!!!!!! H-A H-A H-A