ral.jpgRap-A-Lot founder James Prince was recently cleared in a probe of his financial dealings with embattled Death Row head Suge Knight. Prince was subpoenaed by attorneys for Lydia and Michael "Harry-O" Harris back in April while sitting next to Knight during a boxing match between Zab Judah and Floyd Mayweather, whom Prince manages through his Prince Boxing management outfit. Harris, who won a $107 million default judgment against Knight over unpaid profits from Death Row, sought to establish whether or not Prince was involved in business dealings with Suge. Although Prince made himself available for a deposition in the case, he reportedly refused to answer any questions pertaining to his business relationship with Knight. The record exec’s lawyer then argued against the legality of questioning his client about Knight, and all questions pertaining to the Death Row head honcho were thrown out. Prince was quoted as saying, "Harris is a pathological lying snitch!" Knight filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year, and as a result neither Harris nor his wife have been able to collect on damages awarded to them in court.