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  • BigMrCrax

    This is one dope video. This nigga gon blow up cos he got some gangsta ass beats.

  • Rick James

    True dat dogg, I’m saying this shit from africa, so u kno dis dude’s international. u shud check the chinese chick sittin b-hind dro going “choi-yoi-yoi-yoing” dat’s some racist shit yo!

  • chris

    that was a funny but tight video but it don,t matter about the video its what you say nice bars

  • ding aling man

    that was bull shit bitch

  • Rick James’ Daddy

    Tokyo is in japan you asshat…not china

  • Rick James

    Jap’s nd chineese look the same 2 me muthafuka

  • Tarale

    dis shit iz hot stop hatin bitch