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  • B dizzle aka lil Columbia Tennessee

    First on yall bitches this shit cold ass hell.

    • young slugga da fuckin cut throat nigga

      shit no doubt my nigga im form Prentiss, MS my nigga boosie fina take ova so wayne and 50 cent and tha rest of them niggas cam get out of da way “74 til tha world blow”


    gutta phi gutta

  • Mz louisiana

    lil boosie about change da whole game around watch out he comin hard!!!!!!!!

  • http://XXXMAG.COM Big E


  • Tanka

    mayne my nigga boodie got all us zoomin

  • Tanka

    boosie i mean my bad

  • J-Rich

    Maan its bout time my nigga Boosie get his break. This boi is one of the few real niggas left in the game.


    man this yo boy fat boy mobile alabama keep it real boo

  • http://sexyboy youngsavage

    my boy go hard as fuck but he dont go harder than hurricane

  • LilTank30th-st

    dat nigga boosie is da best mufuckin rapper he bout to blow up dis time he got a video to a real azz nigga

  • http://google deandra

    my nigga boosie is da boss i would love to meet you and you still the boss pimpin so check me out and holla at me

  • http://google deandra

    my nigga boosie will kick yo azz and we will never forget bout you boosie because you a legend in des streets

  • http://yahoo Khana

    Maynnne Boosie & Webbie been holdin it dine fa da souf a long ass time..
    All da way back to da very 1st do it bigh to dat Ratchet shit!! Bouttime my guy get his shine on!!! Da whole nation bout ta be JIGGIN to his songs.

  • Britnee

    Boosie go so dam hard i would love to be his daughter he got every body zoomie and da dicing and on my way home it fir as fuck

  • Bridget

    Man Boosie go harda than anyone of these wanna be rappers keep doin ya thang Boosie bad azz

  • Kiyah

    Boosie that NIGGA and that song is that big shit

  • robert

    boosie u straight i dont know why people be hating on u u da shit in south carolina niggas like me jam u all day and everyday

  • stephan

    boosie da shit like crazy yo boosie nigga u straight super hard listen 2 dis 2 verse look niggas like me im a straight crazy nigga u talk shit i will pull da trigga only thing left is a year suppiles of doom everbody like zoom


    lil boosie is shit nigga

  • howard thames

    you need to look at what you are doing to kids how listten to your junk and learn from it……..its twerrible what parents goes thru because of you/////is this what your mother would be proud of…..

  • Leanna&Sonja

    HEY CALL ME 592-6578!!! ♥ Leanna &hearts Sonja is my sis!!!!!

  • http://google rock

    dis nigga fire

  • Nardou

    man nobodie wasnt on no MAG till BADAZZ hit da big streen

  • lil dee a.ka young slugga da cut throat nigga

    man my nigga boosie is fina take ove so wayne 50 cent and tha rest of all get da fuck out tha way this ya boy lil dee from Prentiss,MS and yea my group da young 1′s fina take ova and DA SWAC BITCH!!!!!!!!!