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  • R Photon


  • dave

    good song

  • Badi



    This track is pretty hot. That chevy ridin high video is starting to make the terror squad roster look more like a murda inc roster. O that’s right, they dont even exist anymore. You cant feature a goon in a pink polo that’s infatuated w/ a vicarious drug dealers life that cant spit for shit & a 40 year old that just isn’t gangster and consider yourself a gangster rapper. I think 50 went through this about JaRule w/ the red speedos and all. (It was a sessions @aol interview). I think yall could generate identical results if the imitation drug dealers ego continues.


    Hmmm, who wrote the hook for lean back?? wouldn’t you guys be like extinct if it was’nt for me & storch??

  • eknino

    this song is very good

  • CASH


  • Carlos

    this is the most crapiest song i eva heard u dumb sh@t$ i make it rain no one can do that i live at pinaccle cove at floride orlando building your a retard