Foxy Brown’s Former Assistant Drops Charges

foxy.jpgRasheeda Ellis, the former assistant to Foxy Brown who sued her over alleged threats, today agreed to drop her complaints against the Brooklyn rapper. According to the Associated Press, Ellis decided to drop the charges against Foxy, which included an allegation of “terroristic threats,” in exchange for a mutual agreement stating that the two parties would not have contact with each other nor discuss the case with the media. Ellis originally claimed that the rapper refused to pay her a week’s salary and made threatening phone calls to her after she attempted to collect the money. Throughout the short trial, Foxy has maintained that she has never had a problem with Ellis and that she had no idea why she was being dragged into court. Foxy unsuccessfully requested that the judge bar reporters from taking her picture, and was subsequently ordered to remove her sunglasses in the courtroom. Neither she nor Ellis commented after the hearing.

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  • javier

    first port arthur texas bitches

  • 11kap

    Foxy is foxy. believe that. Brooklyn inna house!

  • Aydin

    whats going on with “ms. foxy brown”. she is always in the headlines and its always negative. her last record was wak. she sounded like she was imitating lil kim. dam. i wonder why she didnt want her picture taken… could it be she was looking strung out or what? i used to love her now i just look at her like blah… one of those white kids from a show in the 80s that went crazy and is in and out of jail doing drugs and shit. ill nana – i think ill not not!

  • Jack Marshall

    How does someone unsubscribe from this freakin’ harrassment?

  • mike

    ive tried to un subscribe from your e-mail up dates five times.What do I have to do to get off your list?



  • EsqMrs

    fox is the best. reports are always negative cause she doesn’t take shit and is not a fake pageant chick like the beyonces who are only gangsta in video.

    broken silence was the best album from any female rapper. that’s a quote from the queen latifah

  • D.J. K.O.S.

    Everybody wants to send rappers to court for something, I’m glad how it all turned out for Foxy Brown. She alright in my book.

  • latinpistol

    who really carez. i mean really.

  • Boy Boy

    FB for ever no one will take her crown!!! Best Femcee!!!

  • Eli

    Foxy, go make a fucken cd and stop running your mouth. No one really cares about your life outside of music. Why should we care about your lost of hearing. It didn’t stop you from trying to get on the news and radio. Keep it all to yourself, just rap please. Another thing,stop putting on that dark ass lipstick.