Eminem’s Divorce to Be Settled by Mediator

eminem.jpgEminem and his estranged wife, Kim Mathers, continued proceedings in their divorce case yesterday (September 18) during a closed hearing, according to the Associated Press. After the hearing, Judge Antonio Viviano announced to the press that the couple would be employing a mediator to settle the dispute, although a date for such a meeting had not yet been set. Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III, divorced Kim for the second time in April of 2005 after only 82 days of marriage. In related news, Billboard reports that the Detroit rapper’s upcoming mixtape, The Re-Up, will be released on December 5 as a full album through Shady/Interscope Records. A video is expected to be shot for the project’s first single, “You Don’t Know,” featuring Eminem, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and new West Coast Shady signee Ca$his.

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  • qwak

    rudi tudi

  • flaboy

    waitin on that mixtape

  • hasler09

    i can’t wait for the album shit will be hot it will be one of the biggest of the year thats saying alot for em seeing as its just a shady/aftermath mixtape we need em back in the game!!!!!!!

  • sean

    Im first bitch

  • monymaker

    finally they got the murder and they don’t charge him. what the hell is wrong with the hip hop cops

  • koofiesmacker

    It’s about time Em got fired up by something. I suspect this divorce & Proofs passing has sparked the slim shady persona in him. And from a fan stand point, Hip-hop needed that, cuz face it Em making ass music just mad him look like an ass.
    Now if we can have less Gay-Unit on it that would be ideal.

  • peaceriverwarrior(gunitsoldier)


  • peaceriverwarrior(gunitsoldier)

    does anyone know what shady records/interscope is supposed to release on halloween. i seen an ad for it in this months xxl or king or sumting. all it said was a new cd from shady records on oct 31. anyone know anythin??????

  • san diego ya dattttttt

    gunit soldier, i saw that ad too. it said TRICK OR TREAT, now im not sure but maybe a trick trick album? that be hot! anyways em, keep makin good music thats all i want you are smart enough not to put out bullshit. one!


    em better pay somebody to handle his ex wife if you get my drift she going try to take his kids and be asking for like 30 thousand a month and she will get it

  • hiroshi

    ……it’s all about $$$$$$$$!!!!!!

  • shady / aftermath07

    its about time em puts out a mixtape he need some street credit back he should never made a song with akon no more club hits its startin to get annoyin.

    come on man: mix some big and some pac put them in a pot with a sprinkle of big l on it what the fuck do u got = eminem
    bring that mentality not club hits

  • New York Nigga

    Emienm iz betta than Jay-Z

  • http://www.myspace.com/pfofit2dagame FlipSide The Truth
  • H-Man

    NEW YORK (Billboard) – Dodging retirement rumors, Eminem will spring back into action this winter with “Eminem Presents: The Re-U…

    Theres the man I wanna werk with…U can have a couple of my tricks EM, 2nd round ya gotta pay though…

  • Big Jake

    hes doing the album after the divorce…smart business man, and its appropriately titled the re-up b/c hes gonna get the money back that his wife is gonna take

  • H-Man

    I take back what I said earlier…Trice told me the 2nd roundz on him…3rd round ya gonna have 2 pay 4 though…lololol

  • Lari da jeweller in London.

    What a joke an album wit 50, Lloyd Banks and cashass or whateva all wackass rappers fucking cartoon/singin ass rappers u call that skills. Can’t even keep his bitch under control check dat Dip set, Lil Wayne, game and D Block real cats. I rather waste my money on Lady Sovereign same shit.

  • http://freewebs.com/dirtygoldentertainment Krusafix

    If you ask me … fuck kim…
    she’s a basehead, and she probly wants have of ems shit…

    any way fuck her…

    Cant wait for the Re-Up mixtape…


  • Spurney

    album isnt really ems album its chashiss and the new artist ems just doin 6 or 7 tracks. i aint no dickrider but i got respect for em.

    R.I.P-ol’dirty bastered

    fuck 50 and g-unot there destroying hip-hop

  • doc o’dogg

    hope he comes back with sum slim shady,crazzzzy shit…fuck the radio shit and the sing song hooks….lets get bak to lyrics,mc’ing…do it for proof R.I.P

  • JA

    Shibbidy bloo blaaah!!!!!!!

  • H-Man

    Ive caught a case of havin tha sickest flo in tha 1st degree, YO, truth B told, history iz written by those who hang heroez…Letz Go..OK….thiz iz how tha game goez, do or die, we RYDAAAAZ, my blood they will not take away..say it wit me now..….HEY.Ill do ya EZ, Ambitionz of Rydazz…Do ya rememba me???Ya life iz but a dream 2 me, so take a lil time 2 realize, Im back from the dead, showin no mercy on my enemiez, wipin blood from my eyez,judgement haz come 4 what U say…,BOOOOOM….FOK U trickz and if U disrespect my click, then Ill wet cha up like a huricane,BANG BANG, welcome 2 LA, 2 from my clip,YO LETZ GO…Ho’s down, G’d up, high on thug life, take a timeout,OK, rewind and push play,…….now just cruze…….., keep pimpin them tricks, and hittin them spliffz, take it EZ, RYDAZZZ, WESTSIDAZZZZZZ

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Mav

    From a human point of view I feel bad for the cat. What he tried to achieve was honourable. Yeah I talk shit about him cause I’m jealous MTV always let him perform. And I must it admit he do give a hellva performance. You know because he’s white and great at this shit. I don’t like that he start doing the white boy dumb shit last few albums. He’s for real talented true to the art. And welcome back if you for real! And don’t think of telling me to stop. With the white boy shit. He get privileges for that white shit he
    know this. And catch hell for the same reason. LIVE IN AMERICA CAN BE A BITCH! LIFE GOES ON.

  • http://www.myspace.com/keniver keniver

    that was probably the most horrible rhyme ive ever read or heard. step your game up, dont emberass yourself to the xxl nation.

  • Flowshot

    TO see how hot Em’ is even if he is retired just look at how much dust hes kickin up with a MIXTAPE! cant wait for Re:UP

  • raina

    i hope emeinem comes bk coz its just borin without his tunes and i will b so plzed when he does becoz hes just the best and fit lol xxxx
    is he comin bk this year

  • Shorty G

    EM should’ve been left that b****. Real talk. And another thing, A lot of ya’ll niggas some hatas. 50 and G-Unit making big money so STOP HATING.

  • http://none killa black

    EM a sucker for love, she fronted on you the first time,Man just take care of your little lady and fuck that chick, you can respect her but not try to fuck wit her, oh, but your a libra, yall like going thur drama, that bitch could drive a nail threw your dick in 04 and your dumb ass will marry her in 06, like i said before, sucker for love ass white nigger.